Dizziness or Vertigo

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Dizziness is a very disconcerting feeling, onset of dizziness has rushed people to emergency with real concern about what is happening to them, especially if they feel nausea. It can be difficult to identify why this feeling is happening, as it can be irratic and intermittent.

  • Is this anxiety?

  • Is this connected with medication?

  • Is this due to your vestibular system?

  • Is this muscular and connected with neck and shoulder?

Recently it seems to be an accepted side-effect or one of the symptoms associated with anxiety, but it's important to explore other possible causes.

It is important you first visit your GP to rule-out any serious problems.

By a combination of careful history taking, putting all the clues together and using kinesiology our clinic in Christchurch has the ability to treat muscular issues such as muscle tension, pain and anxiety resolution without medication.

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First let's consider dizziness as a symptom of anxiety

You may experience dizziness when you have anxiety, however if you become more anxious this can make dizziness worse so again a visit to the doctor is important to rule out any serious problems.

If this is happening fairly often it is worth keeping a diary of what happened, when and also what you were doing and thinking at the time.Then seek help, taking your information with you.

Naturopathic medicine has a variety of practitioner only supplements that may help with your anxiety. Ensure if you purchase products over the internet there is no quality control as to what you buy, supermarkets give you no advice and again well known or marketed doesn't mean quality. When you purchase from a chemist ask for advice as they know their products well.

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Second, dizziness can be a side-effect of medications

If you have started taking medication always check immediately with your doctor (or chemist) and insure that this side-effect is recorded. You may have been taking a medicine for some time but because some of your circumstances have changed, even getting older can change how your body reacts to medication or your combination of medicine, so again check with you doctor.

Ear Exam

Third, let's consider the vestibular system

You have just got off the roundabout at the playground or someone has twirlled you around, and around. When you stop you feel dizzy! So often dizziness is connected with the balance mechanism in your ears  - again needs to be checked by your doctor. You need to be able to relate the circumstances around what happened and how you were feeling at the time.

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Finally, let's look at the muscular system - yes, your neck and shoulders!

On one occasion a regular client, being treated for anxiety and making good progress so it was no longer interfering with her life, came in talking of a dizziness, checked out with her doctor and thought to be anxiety.

But on discussion about the activity that had prompted  the dizziness it was her neck muscles and tight shoulders. There are activities, such as reaching into spaces, clearing out or cleaning, even spending time talking to the person beside you at a dinner party (always looking to the side) for several hours.

This is why natural practitioners using their listening and questioning skills may find solutions to symptoms that have not been found previously. Kinesiology can then balance your muscles to work together and stop causing you pain and discomfort.