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Movement & Memory Workshop

Introduction to Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym®

"Learn new skills and have fun at the same time"

It's been many years since Educational Kinesiology classes have been run in Christchurch, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

With your support I can bring this amazing therapy back to Christchurch


  • You can learn Brain Gym® for yourself - enjoy the blend of movement, neurology and relaxation

  • You can learn Brain Gym® to help your children at school - fun activities to improve your child's ability to learn and understand.


  • You can learn Brain Gym® to start a new career - first step on the road to becoming an Educational Kinesiologist.


  • You can learn Brain gym® to use in your work - beneficial for nurses, teachers, occupational therapist and those people working with the elderly or brain injuries.

It is hoped that this workshop will be the first of many not only in Christchurch but in other parts of the New Zealand.

Don't worry if you're out in the country as online courses will be available.


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Switch on Your Brain

Want to have great balance?

Want to improve or regain your flexibility?

Want to open up the doors of your memory?

What if there are ways to improve how easily your can move, be more flexible, release tension in muscles using, easy effective techniques you can use at home, at work or at play?

Well the good news is there are!

With an experienced Educational Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Brain Gym Consultant  (AKA me) by your side, you can join a small group to learn ways to improve your flexibility and balance and the added bonus of getting your brain back on track and on your side!

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Hi, I’m Jean Jordan.

Before becoming a Natural Therapist, I was an educator so these workshops are an ideal opportunity to combine these skills to help you make changes.

For 20 years, I've worked with a variety of people to help them regain their lives and overcome challenges.

In the past two years study at postgraduate study at Otago university has deepened my knowledge of; the neurons of the brain, their neuroplasticity, and how brain and body are connected.

Come and Take Part in Jean's Educational Kinesiology Workshops    
- you'll be amazed at the changes!

​Examples of Educational Kinesiology in Use:-

1. This webpage describes the use of contralateral movement, one of the basic exercises of Brain Gym® that we call crosscrawl - you'll see this used in several of the videos on the page.

2. This webpage shows how a Brain Gym® movement - lazy eights - can be adapted to free up tense muscles of the shoulders and upper back. Again watch out for the demonstration videos.

3. Sometimes Brain Gym® movements can form part of a treatment programme within a series of Kinesiology sessions. This story is a testimonial from a man who had chronic phantom pain, who found by regularly using Brain Gym® activities he not only reduced his pain, but meant he could handle his anxiety and regain a normal life, for the first time in many years.

To learn more about Brain Gym® have a read of our Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), NZ Inc website.


Don't Miss Out 

Only 8 Places Available
  • Movement & Memory

  • No Courses scheduled at this time


  • 6pm - 9pm

  • $60 pre-paid


Venue: 21 Mandeville Street,



Parking Available at Rear 

Prefer a Personal Consultation?

Are you worried about how well your brain is working or perhaps how it is letting your down, but prefer a personal consultation?


You can book either a face-to-face in Riccarton, Christchurch to discuss how to improve focus, memory, concentration or mental fatigue. Together you and Jean will make plans to change and improve your life. 

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