Natural Pain Week
Initial Consultation with Jean pay with Koha/Donation

I get many phone calls from people who have ongoing pain, called chronic or persistent pain, but get no relief or improvement in their symptoms and treatment is expensive.

I decided to offer you the opportunity to get a second opinion, find out how natural therapy can help you make changes and to understand why you have pain for such a long time, paying what you can afford.


Koha Week - Initial Consultation


The meaning of Koha, a Maori term for a gift (donation), a way of expressing gratitude.

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Challenges with Pain


Don't allow ongoing pain to disrupt your life. Daily work can be a challenge, leaving you tired, exhausted and not able to do your best.

Work and Finance

Don't allow chronic pain disrupt your career, your studies for further qualifications, your progress and career. Hence affecting financial security.

Family and Friends


Apart from the economic cost today and in the future, chronic pain can be problematic for relationships with family and friends.

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Natural Pain Week Dates


2nd November  -  13th November  

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday am.

Pay what you can afford

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My comfortable therapy table is waiting for you!

Please Note: When you book your appointment client forms will be emailed to you.

These forms must be returned to the clinic 48 hours before your meeting with Jean, giving her time to review your health issues.

Without returning these forms your appointment may be cancelled.