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Wednesday Workshops

Learn how to relieve your Chronic Pain

"Is chronic pain impacting your life?"

Maybe you're


  • Not able to find the words, mostly a person's name, title or the name of an object?

  • Brain fog pregnancy or you may have brain fog menopause.


  • You seem to be thinking more slowly than usual.


  • There are challenges at work with concentration or being organised.


  • Forgetfulness - Oh Dear!

    • Where was I supposed to be?

    • Damn, missed that seminar I signed up for.

    • What did I come downstairs for?

    • I missed their anniversary, their birthday, Oh Dear!


  • Do you have a lack of focus or the inability to focus?


  • Brain fog that is caused by post cancer treatment and other health conditions.

Ahhhh -those white things in a box?????

What's the word?

Tissue box for brain fog.jpg
What if there are ways to improve how your brain works, easy effective techniques you can use at home, at work or at play?

Well the good news is there are!

With an experienced Educational Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Brain Gym Consultant  (AKA me) by your side, you can skip all the stress and overwhelm and get you to where you want it to be, sooner.
Jean best photo small head only.jpg

Hi, I’m Jean Jordan.

Come and participate in Jean's Wednesday Workshops - you'll be amazed at the changes!

And the best news? This is what you get when you work with me.

  • Discover some of the reasons you have brain fog.


  • Discuss natural remedies for brain fog.


  • Three of the main causes of brain fog; anxiety, hormonal changes or lack of sleep.


  • Share and find out about the many symptoms of brain fog and discuss how these affect your lifestyle.


  • Use and learn, during this workshop some different and amazing self-help treatments for brain fog.


  • Here about medications and how they can sometimes contribute to brain fog, which can be one of the side-effects.

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