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21 Mandeville Street, Riccarton


Open Day 

Sunday 19th January

Pain Talk in Christchurch

It's important to get out the message that people with persistent pain have options.

At the moment many people are getting on-going relief from chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage that do have their place but for some people these are not a solution!

They are treating the symptoms not the real cause of your pain. Jean will share her case studies, her research and plans for you to make a difference to your pain.

Next Talk

Talks will resume in February 2020

Pain Talk

A Different approach to Pain


When: Tuesday 4th November, 2020


What time  6 pm to 7.30 pm


What you will learn

  • Case Studies

  • Our Research on Muscle Pain "How effective is Kinesiology in Treating Chronic Pain"​

  • Key Ideas to treatment

  • Working together


Cost  $15

Where Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic

21 Mandeville St, Riccarton

Ph: (03) 341 0148