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Powerful Thoughts

Updated: Apr 15

Being positive, thinking positive and acting in a positive way is good for your health!

Do you wish to change from negative thinking to positive thinking?
Sometimes there is a choice of how you think and how you manage your thoughts

How Can You Wake Every Morning With A Positive Attitude?

Can you imagine waking every morning with a positive attitude – wouldn’t that be great. Even though I’m naturally an optimist over the last few years I have discovered how important positive thoughts, positive language and being able to live a positive life benefits your health and the effect you can have on those around you.

Many of the people who come to the Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic in Christchurch are initially in such a challenging place even mentioning or encouraging them to be positive would be totally inappropriate. It takes time to see though the anxiety or pain that they experience on a daily basis; several kinesiology sessions are necessary to start to clear some of their problems.

Difficulties Of Living With Anxiety Or Panic Attacks

Trapped by anxiety that affects your daily life and relationships
Anxiety from stress and negative thoughts

If you have been experiencing a high level of anxiety or panic attacks, even taking the step to seek help is daunting. Learning about the what, why and how of anxiety, what anxiety is doing to not only your body, but your long term health is a start, knowledge is a great way to start.

To learn more about anxiety and it's ever faithful associate, stress click here. As you'll see anxiety and stress are inter-related in ways that is not often discussed.

Listen to the story of social anxiety changing a young womens life.

Why is thinking positive, and starting to see a positive world around you important?

The Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Happy thoughts are good for our mental health and wellness
Positive thoughts and smile each day.

Research is continuing to explore the effects of positive thinking and optimism on our health. The Mayo Clinic lists some of the benefits of positive thinking.

· Increased life span

· Lower rates of depression

· Lower levels of distress

· Greater resistance to the common cold

· Better psychological and physical well-being

· Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease

· Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

I would like to add some benefits of my own

· Improves your relationships with family, friends and workmates

· Helps the energy of not only your body but also those around you, each person you come into contact with

· More opportunities may come your way – or your attitudes will allow you to see opportunities not obstacles.

Sign of better times ahead if stop negative thinking
Look forward to the future with positive thoughts

How To Make Changes To Your Thoughts

All this information is useful and I’m sure you have heard much of it before. Therefore the question becomes, what do you actually do?

The BIG PROBLEM about being able to bring about real lasting change is actually knowing or recognizing that you are thinking, talking or acting in a negative way. As you go through your day, are you emanating positivity?

The First Step Is Awareness of your Negative Thoughts

As I said above much depends on how you are feeling and what is happening in your life. So this first step is a baby-step and that consists of NOTICING A NEGATIVE!

Is she thinking positive or negative thoughts. Take time out to spend with your thoughts. Change from negative thinking to think good things
Think positive thoughts when daydreaming

We are often so used to ourselves and our behaviour, we never take time to listen to ourselves.

Therefore we may have no awareness of where we are on the positive/negative spectrum.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts

We need to take time to examine our thoughts; the self-talk that continually runs through our head. Don't look too closely, just to recognise, are they, that's your thoughts always working in your best interest?

Praise Yourself When You Find A Negative!

And don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your noticing. As knowing what you are doing that’s negative, when you are saying something negative or even having a negative thought gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself and provides the opportunity for change.

If you tend to have a negative outlook, don't expect to become an optimist overnight. But with practice, eventually your self-talk will contain less self-criticism and more self-acceptance. You may also become less critical of the world around you.

What you say to yourself is important. The best self-care for your mental and physical health are positive words that encourage.

Ways to change your negative thinking
Your thoughts may create your destiny

This video is really worth watching as she tells us about our mind, and how it interacts with the pictures we make in our head and what we do

Relaxation To Reduce Your Anxiety And Help Prevent Panic Attacks.

If you are ready to begin with self-care click here to go to audio recordings, meditative breathing and powerful emotional release that show you have to exhale those negative emotions and thoughts that hold you back from having joy and happiness in your life.

How To Stop Negative, Repetitive Thoughts About Yourself

There is a lot of information on this page to you to review, or come back later to collect more new ideas to help you to change your thoughts.

  • Why positive thinking is a good idea and can be done with practice.

  • Before you can make any changes you need to be aware of the messages you are sending to yourself, every hour, every day.

  • Listen to Courtney's story that she is happy to share, if it can help just one young person.

  • The video of Marisa Peer puts words, thoughts and messages we send to ourselves in perspective.

  • Start today, at home in a quiet space, click the Relax photo and listen to begin to be able to think differently.


Jean Jordan is a Kinesiologist and Naturopath who works with clients who have chronic pain, anxiety and movement problems.

If you live in Christchurch, New Zealand,Visit PASC website to read more.

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