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Painfully Alone With Chronic Pain

Updated: Mar 8

I'm In Pain All Day And Every Day - But No-one Knows

In this blog I bring to light an issue that is seldom mentioned but can be a daily part of having constant, recurring or what doctor's call chronic pain.

She said “I’m in pain all day”.

“So, that’s from the time you wake until you go to sleep?” I asked.

“Yes” was her reply.

My work can be confronting at times, especially during the first few consultations with a new client.

So many of you who have chronic pain have a half-life, a lonely life, as many of the activities you love to do are no longer possible. But the most surprising aspect is that not many people have the opportunity to discuss with family and friends how awful the pain is, maybe often a nine or ten out of ten!

No-One Can See Your Pain

Pain is so lonely, so isolating - you look fine, maybe you have trouble moving, maybe a little bit slow but there's really nothing to show all the pain that you are feeling inside.

Physical Pain You Can See Gets Sympathy

If you have a broken arm, in plaster or in a sling - people will hold the door open for you, help your carry shopping or a suitcase.

But what if you couldn't lift your shopping bag because your arm was too painful, would anyone help you.

Well of course not, no one would know that you are in pain unless of course you decided to hold your arm, moan, groan and really put on what could be called a painful looking performance!

Of course, that's a laughable idea that you can go around showing people you are in pain and really struggling to do daily activities. But it shows one of the major problems with having chronic or persistent pain. It's invisible!

The Lonely Life Of Pain

Although this article is about living alone with pain, this doesn't mean that you live on your own or you don't go to work or that you’re not surrounded by people every day. With people around you but the pain is invisible out comes the fake smile.

“How are you?” colleagues ask.

“I’m fine” you reply.

Pain is so lonely, so isolating - you look fine, maybe you have trouble moving, maybe a little bit slow but there's really nothing to show all the pain that you are feeling inside.

Being At Work And Being In Pain - Constant Pain

Chronic pain - or persistent pain - is an epidemic, especially when many pain suffers find that medications, that many of us take for granted if we have a headache, such as a hangover, these 'painkillers' do not work. Pain stays.

You are likely to have a colleague in just this situation. If they don't want you to know, you will not know. Care has to be taken that work comes first, or getting the job done - a real challenge if you have pounding or burning pain.

This article from Natural Pain Solutions gives you more insight to fellow workers or your employees.

Pain Is With You All The Time.

Pain - my unwanted companion.

Instead of pain - imagine a fly, definitely an unwanted companion.

Morning, noon and night (as the saying goes), let's imagine you had one of those lazy summer flies, slowly circling your head, coming to land on your hand or even your dinner, slowly moving until you try to swap that darn fly.

The fly dodges, just slips out of reach - then back again, round and round, impossible to rid yourself of the fly.

You wake up in the morning; the fly is there, when you’re having a shower maybe get some respite from the fly. But getting dressed again, back comes the fly and it's really annoying especially as you can put on your clothes and get ready for work.

Why am I using the analogy of a fly? Well you cannot control the fly just like you cannot control your pain.

Lydia and many other clients have said as soon as they wake up the pain is there, just as it was when they went to sleep. So that is saying, the first thing on their mind is the pain in their body every morning.

One solution that can make waking more enjoyable - try using a flower by the bedside - read the full story here of using nature to heal us.

Jean is a Natural Pain and Movement specialist in Christchurch, New Zealand. She works with those who have chronic (persistent) pain and movement challenges due to accident, trauma, and her work is of benefit to recovering athletes and people who are in the process of returning to work or restarting their sport.

Jean has now added an online business to help people, globally, be able to relieve, reduce chronic pain. On this website you can link-up with Jean online or take time to explore the many techniques and treatment and learn easy to use self-help techniques at Natural Pain Solutions

NOTE: If you have pain always get it checked by a doctor.

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