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Tools of my Trade - Colour Therapy

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Touch For Health - Kinesiology

When I trained in Touch for Health, the foundation kinesiology modality, I learned a correction, that’s our descriptor for treatment as it corrects a misalignment or energy block in your body, that involved looking at a colour. The colour being one of the five element colours of red, blue, yellow, green or white, for a period of time.

Over the years, as my kinesiology practice continued, gradual changes began to happen, mostly due to my taking time to discover exactly what your body required to make a physical change or energy shift, allowing each person to tailor their own unique treatment.

Colour Therapy In Action

The first shift or shall I call it an innovation was a client wanted (muscle checked) green on both his eyes. But with closed with green objects resting on their eyelids.

I asked Charlie, our personal trainer, to demonstrate, to re-enact the treatment I did years ago. Those soft, spiky balls were the only green objects I had at the time, that would stay in place.

Think for a Moment - What Colours do you Wear?

  • Do you only choose a small range of colours?

  • Do you look or fell different if you where red or yellow?

  • Do you have a different experience if we wear blue clothing?

The Negative Power of My Red Dress

I once had a red dress, rather stylist or so I thought. Red, especially a blue red is an unusual colour for me to wear. At the time I was a high school teacher, ever time I wore my red dress the students were always awkward, noisy, in general badly behaved. Do you think they were trying to tell me something? Perhaps this unusual colour for me, was giving other people a negative impression of me.

Do you think they were trying to let me know red was not my colour?

Or the red energy had a subconscious effect on the students in the classroom?

In my training and up to then I expected people to look at the colour and to encourage them to absorb, or focus on the colour thereby absorbing the energy. But now my colour therapy was changing, just as we feel different if we wear red, or have a different experience if we wear blue clothing, my colour therapy was changing.

But now my colour therapy was changing. Now I was actually using the energy of the colour itself the wavelength, the frequency to have an effect on the body's energy. Over the years I've extended the number of colours from those basic five element colours. I'm embarrassed to say for many years I used coloured card (A4 of course) for my colour therapy.

For clients I would scan through perhaps 10 or 12 cards, coloured cards that would be placed on some part of their body or look at for whole will see those coloured cards. Interestingly, colour therapy continued to work and to make changes.

Then amazingly, although reading this you'll not be surprised, I received a Christmas present from Beth and Angie, beautiful silk squares of many different colours.

They also used muscle checking to choose the correct box for the silk squares, a beautiful antique Japanese box made of dark wood, chosen out of three different boxes. Some of you come to my clinic may have seen my Japanese box.

When you next go shopping or wondering what to wear, what colour to wear, stop and think how will this affect my day. Often people have a lot of black, very serviceable and don't need to think too much. But why not try some colours, bright enough to brighten up your day. It's like wearing a smile.

Jean Jordan is a Kinesiologist, Naturopath and trained Yoga Teacher who lives and has a clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand where she works with clients who have chronic pain and anxiety, enabling them to change their lives.

Visit PASC website to find out how others have worked with Jean to change lives. Read their stories about how change can happen, often with one to two consultations.

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