What we do at Pain, Anxiety & Stress Clinic in Christchurch 


At PASC we are positive, encouraging, treatment is gentle and we (you and us together) take a different approach to your pain and anxiety.

Pain treatment should not be painful - that's illogical! For example if you yell and scream at a misbehaving 2 year-old: does it work? No. We have to distract them, coax them to do something in a different way. 

Anxiety treatment at our place is 'counselling without talking', gently releasing, letting go of the causes of your angst.

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Persistent Pain


Chronic (ongoing) pain stays around for a reason, your body knows why. Muscle and body therapists such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists are great at resolving short term pain, they get us up and moving and functioning in our daily lives. But often this treatment does not work for persistent pain, you have the same treatment for months, you may have treatment for years.

Our pain clinic finds the cause of your pain - see video below

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You can also learn easy and even fun (yep, I said fun) techniques that once learnt during your consultations you can use for the rest of your life.

From listening to many clients over the years, anxiety may have common threads like rapid breathing, endless thoughts going around in your head, here beating rapidly or being unable to concentrate or focus.

To make an appointment and start feeling different phone Jean 341 0148

Stress Banishment
Not running until February 2020
  • Monthly in Riccarton

  • Weekly on Tuesdays

  • 10 am or 5.30pm

  • Wear comfortable


  • Duration approx 1hr

 Phone 03 341 0148

for dates and bookings

Video Tutorials 
Four weeks to end 20 years of back pain


This video shows the difference that Kinesiology can make in a short time, even after the man having back pain intermittently for over 20years.

Two of the main life events cleared were:-

  • marriage breakup at 33 years of age and the following session

  • as a 5 year-old he was immbolised in a cast and unable to go to school.

The severe pain he bought to the clinic was triggered by difficult work conditions and life challenges.

Relaxation Therapy in Riccarton


Research has shown that relaxation, meditation and mindfulness is great for our health in many ways. We have given you breathing audio to encourage you to breath more slowly, with purpose and at the same time your brain can switch off from busy thoughts and take it's focus away from your pain or anxiety.

If you want more relaxation and calmness do contact us or come in to spend time with Jean who can show you techniques that are simple and easy to use.

The 'Magic' of Kinesiology to treat Social Anxiety


Courtney was in a difficult place in her life when she found me. Let her tell you about part of her journey with kinesiology treatment.  

To hear her full story and other anxiety stories on www.jeanjordan.co.nz click on the link below.