Symptoms we Treat


At Pain Anxiety & Stress Clinic we offer the treatments of Kinesiology – the life changer, Naturopathy – how we live and eat, Exercise - holistic, anti- ageing and have great posture, relax muscles, treat joints, together with all the knowledge and skills gained by our practitioners from each and every client that comes to the clinic.

Together we – that’s you and us – set a focus and follow that for you to feel well, happy and healthy

Advice may be given on lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, relaxation and well-tagetted supplementation.

Lower back pain, hip pain
Back, Knee or Hip Pain
Neck Pain
Neck and shoulder pain can impact on your life, it's tiring, it's annoying
Holistic Treatment for Pain
Pain has many causes: posture, trauma, emotions - together we find the cause
Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Stop Negative Thoughts, Think Positive
Get rid of your anxiety
Stop Anxiety Spoiling your Life
Woman suffering from pain in knee,
An painful knee makes climbing stairs, normal walking and driving so difficult
Stomach Pains
If your digestive system is not working properly natural therapy can help
Posture is important for your health
Good posture improves your confidence and appearance! See us now!
Find the exercise you enjoy
Exercise improves your overall health, sleep, brain function and fights ageing
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