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Creative Writing Workshop with Brain Gym®

Bring along your writing project to this 4-hour workshop

- take home amazing work

Introduction to Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym®

Whatever you wish to write can be done easier and better by using Brain Gym®


  • Writing your newsletter for your sports club or association.

  • Starting a new blog - or just starting to write blogs.

  • Planning your assignment for study at school or university.

  • Write a job application that gives a future employer a picture of who you are and why they need you.

  • Write an outline for a new project at work.

  • Write a letter of condolence, apology or complaint.

  • Get started on the book you've dreamed of.


In this 4-hour workshop you'll be introduced to 

Brain Gym® Activities.

  1. Firstly, to switch on your brain and get ready to think clearly and give your energy direction and focus.


 2.  Doing Brain Gym® activities, intentional movements that are specifically designed to integrate left and right hemispheres, to help generate and capture ideas, then transform to suit your audience or target market (like a prospective employer or parents of your sports team).



Plans are to offer this workshop every two months, alternating with 'Movement and Memory". I hope be the first of more courses not only in Christchurch, but throughout New Zealand.


Don't worry if you're in the country as online courses are available.

With an experienced Educational Kinesiologist, Naturopath and Brain Gym Consultant  (AKA me) by your side, you can join a small group to learn ways to improve your creative thinking -

  • ideas flow easily

  • make a writing project easier 

  • transfer ideas to paper

  • write in more interesting way

  • add another layer of enjoyment

  • complete that writing task you've been putting off, and off.......

Hi, I’m Jean Jordan.

Before becoming a Natural Therapist, I was an educator so these workshops are an ideal opportunity to combine these skills to help you make changes.

For 20 years, I've worked with a variety of people to help them regain their lives and overcome challenges.

In the past two years study at postgraduate study at Otago university has deepened my knowledge of; the neurons of the brain, their neuroplasticity, and how brain and body are connected.

Testimonial from Kathy about Brain Gym® course 

​Examples of Educational Kinesiology in Use:-

1. A woman working in an executive position was suffering chronic migraines. She was spending an inordinate amount of time sending and more stressful, replying to daily emails at work. When I met her her stress levels were through the roof and migraines were becoming unbearable an not responding to medication.

After discussion and assessment I found that here challenges came from interpreting the information within the emails she received. With Brain Gym this was remedied, stress and migraines went away.

2. An 11 year old boy was great at making up stories, but was unable to put those stories unto paper. He was an intelligent but was becoming very depressed about the comments being made by teachers and fellow students about the challenges her was having with writing in any form.

Brain Gym® was his saviour and he really started to enjoy school and the learning that he always wanted to do but he was 'stuck'

To learn more about Brain Gym® have a read of our Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), NZ Inc website.


Don't Miss Out
Only 8 Places Available

  • Creative Writing

  • No Courses scheduled at this time


  • 9am - 1pm

  • $80 pre-paid

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