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Christchurch Naturopath  

What does a naturopath do?

As a naturopath I can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and support you through difficult life stages and periods of stress.


In the past naturopathic medicine has been called an alternate therapy but nowadays naturopathy is recognised world wide.


Naturopaths are happy to work alongside doctors and other medical professionals as complementary practitioners to promote health and wellness.

Holistic treatment of your health problems


As a naturopathic medicine practitioner, I include your whole body in your assessment - what we call holistic therapy. That means taking notes about the 'history' of your problems you want to discuss, then together make plans for your future.


It's not enough to have a diagnosis of pain or anxiety in it's many forms or to get pills to reduce your pain, your anxiety or stress levels  - better to find out WHY?

Do you want to change any of these symptoms?


  • Muscle aches and pain

  • Pain – neck, shoulder, back

  • Joint pain 

  • Anxiety 

  • Chronic stress or fear of burnout

  • Brain fog or poor concentration

  • Stress and concomitant problems

  • Indigestion, bloating, constipation, or IBS

Practitioner only supplements


As a trained professional the supplements that I may prescribe are high quality, researched and made to high specifications, practitioner only supplements.


Also it's important to keep supplements to a minimum - those that are essential

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Meet Christchurch Naturopath Jean

In a naturopath consult you can expect to be asked about:-

  • What and how you eat and drink

  • Your lifestyle, both social and work

  • Exercise, movement and activity

  • Drugs and medication prescribed by your doctor (important that we know this)

  • Bring in all supplements: across the counter supplements, those from friends or online.


At this clinic we generally use Australian supplements that are strictly regulated by the TGA (therapeutic goods act) for quality and content, if supplements are needed.

Sore, Anxious or in Daily Pain?

When this is affecting our happiness, or getting in the way of doing what we love it's time to get some help.

Let's make a plan!

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Want Lower Stress or Anxiety?

Stress can be overwhelming, but relaxation, meditation and mindfulness give you control.        Learn quick, effective easy to use skills

Book a Relaxation Tuition Session 

Get started today 

Naturopathy gives you natural solutions for pain or anxiety.


You may also want to discuss.


  • Insomnia or poor quality sleep

  • Fatigue, always feeling tired

  • Lack of energy

  • Anxiety, or Stress with difficulty controlling your stress levels and daily interactions

  • Poor concentration and brain fog –neurological factors

  • Stress that increases your pain – stress information


Naturopathic Medicine is by its very nature and name a natural therapy, recognised as complementary medicine or called alternative therapy.


Naturopaths are trained full-time for three to four years. The courses and subjects they study include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology also many areas of health and wellness not generally treated by doctors.

One of the strengths of naturopathic philosophy is the emphasis on being as healthy as possible and using drug-free treatments, hence reducing complications with side-effects.

Relaxation, Meditation, Mindfulness in Christchurch and Online

Relaxation lessons in Christchurch.jpeg

Introducing "Positively Relax" to Christchurch

Imagine you had:-

  • A collection of quick and easy to use de-stressing skills

  • A way to reduce your response to stress

  • A way to become less anxious 

  • Have more control over your emotions

  • A way to stop mentally beating yourself up

But you don't have:-

  • 30 - 45 minutes each day to practice meditation or mindfulness

  • A full understanding or fear you may not meditate correctly

  • A way to self-care for yourself

  • The ability to stop your busy mind

  • Ways to be positive with yourself

Private Relaxation Tuition with Jean


Having developed and run a 12 week online Positively Relax online course in Perth before moving to Christchurch I'm able to teach you suitable easy techniques and skills to begin to handle stress,


We will discuss what really works well for you in a 30 minutes session at my clinic rooms in Riccarton, Christchurch.

Within a few weeks you will:-

  • Be more calm and confident

  • Have more energy

  • Find your own ways to handle challenges

  • Smile more!

Learn more about Jean's own "Journey to Calmness" and her Meditation Lessons



Read more about Stress, Anxiety and Emotions


A Journey Through Social Anxiety

A young woman drops out of university after getting involved with drugs finds answers and turns her life around.

Are You an Expert at Holding onto Emotions

Challenges and trauma earlier in life can not only effect our happiness but have a detrimental effect on our long term health and wellness.

Some Self Care Ideas for You to Do at Home

Relax and chill out to relieve pain and anxiety - easy 

Ideas of how to relieve the stress that built up over the day and get ready to 'chill out'

Relaxation Postures 

Find supportive body positions that you can use to relax, or to relieve pain

Listen to free relaxation recordings

Get comfortable and then listen and learn easy to use calming and relaxing skills that can be used when needed during your busy day.

Sit and be calm, relaxed and free of stress

Want to be drug-free or to take researched and proven supplements?

I'm finding increasing we are all aware of the processing and additions to not only our foods but also supplements that increasing carry the label 'natural'.


The supplements we prescribe are all TGA 'therapeutic goods act' ensuring their quality. When you see a qualified naturopath they will prescribe the nutritional you need for your health concerns.

If you are on many different medication they can affect your nutritional status, requiring supplementation.

*** Never change your medication or dosage without permission from your GP


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