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As a naturopath I can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and support you

through difficult life stages and periods of stress. In the past we have been called an

alternate therapy but nowadays naturopathy is recognised world wide and works 

alongside doctors and other medical professionals as complementary practitioners to

promote health and wellness.

As a trained professional the supplements that I may prescribe are high quality, researched and made to high specifications able to be described as practitioner only supplements.

Being a naturopathic medicine practitioner, I include mind and body in your assessment, history taking and together make plans for your future. It's not enough to have a diagnosis of pain or anxiety in it's many forms or to get pills to reduce your anxiety or your blood pressure - better to find out WHY?

Do you want to change any of these symptoms:


  • Muscle aches and pain

  • Pain – neck, shoulder, back

  • Joint pain 

  • Anxiety 

  • Chronic stress or fear of burnout

  • Brain fog or poor concentration

  • Stress and concomitant problems

  • Headache

  • Indigestion, bloating, constipation

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Many things can affect your pain or anxiety, especially the severity.


You may have other issues to discuss.


  • Insomnia or poor quality sleep

  • Fatigue, always feeling tired

  • Lack of energy

  • Anxiety, depression and difficulty controlling your mood

  • Poor concentration and brain fog –neurological factors

  • Stress that increases your pain – stress information


Naturopathic Medicine is by its very nature and name a natural therapy, recognised as complementary medicine. Naturopaths are trained full-time for three to four years. The courses and subjects they study include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology also many areas of health and wellness not treated by doctors.

One of the strengths of naturopathic philosophy is the emphasis on being as healthy as possible and using drug-free treatments, hence reducing complications with side-effects.














You can expect to be asked about, discussed and integrated into your health plan.

  • What and how you eat and drink

  • Your lifestyle, both social and work

  • Exercise, movement and activity

  • Drugs and medication prescribed by your doctor (important that we know this)

  • Practitioner only supplements that are well researched and proven. At this clinic we generally use Australian supplements that are strictly regulated by the TGA (therapeutic goods act) for quality and content.

  • Bring in all supplements: across the counter supplements, those from friends or online as many of these (dietary) supplements have little or no research or quality control, no matter how good the videos, stories, claims or websites. 

Each visit we discuss and monitor your progress to ensure changes are happening.

Feeling sore or in daily pain?

When this is affecting our happiness, or getting in the way of doing what we love it's time to get some help - soooooo......

I have a plan!

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Want to Lower your Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure can be over diagnosed and there are ways to have good blood pressure without taking medication. We are also happy to work alongside your doctor if you want to be drug-free

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Medications and Practitioner Only Supplements

As a naturopath is interested in health promotion and disease prevention their unique approach could be of value before you start medication, or before you decide to have surgery.

You may also be on a long list of supplements, but it’s about taking the supplement that you need at the moment for your symptoms.

*** Never change your medication or dosage without permission from your GP

Want to be drug-free or to take researched and proven supplements?

I'm finding increasing we are all aware of the processing and additions to not only our foods but also supplements that increasing carry the label 'natural'. The supplements we prescribe are all TGA 'therapeutic goods act' ensuring their quality. When you see a qualified naturopath they will prescribe the nutritional you need for your health concerns.

If you are on many different medication they can affect your nutritional status, requiring supplementation.

Nutritionals and Supplements effective for Pain Relief 

Scientists within the naturopathic community are continually researching and developing new products to improve your treatment - however its not reported on the evening news, so below I detail new products and those that have been giving excellent results in the clinic for years.

PEA or Palmitoylethanolamide  (gees that's hard to type) has arrived at PASC

We are really excited about a new product that's now available for practitioners, that's manufactured to a high standard and well researched. We have been waiting for such a product for years.

As many of you know Kinesiology can be effective at getting rid of long term pain, chronic pain that may have been around for years and although this pain banishment can only take a month or two, you are still living with pain, sleeplessness or have to take more and more medications to get relief and have to accept the side-effects of medication.


So what is PEA?

This is and anti-inflammatory powder (tasteless) that reduces pain, no side-effects and no interactions with medications. Useful for any of the musculoskeletal pain I work with daily. I'm looking forward to using PEA to help with nerve pain such as sciatica, as research has proven PEA can help support nerves. 


The most exciting thing is that it can be taken with medications, as many products bought online cannot be checked for interactions. So I'll us this space to warn you that all supplements should be taken with care and advice from a professional, especially if you're on medication.

My latest new product, Bacillopeptidase F, is good at balancing blood pressure and also pain relief in muscular pain.

To view the full uses and information click onto the links below

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