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How we Treat Chronic Pain at our Christchurch Clinic

At our practice in Christchurch

  • We work to find the real cause of pain,

  • people who are in chronic pain,

  • pain that may have been months or even years.

One client had painful knees for nearly 30 years.

  • She now has no pain,

  • She's able to go out walking every day with her husband.


Chronic or Constant Pain is a Life Changer!

Unfortunately at the present time, not just in New Zealand but throughout the world the number of people suffering chronic pain on a daily basis is increasing with; 

  • ongoing pain, 

  • relenting pain that invades every aspect of their live,

  • their work,

  • relationships

  • and most importantly their sense of self-worth and mental health.

Change is needed  


You may need a shift from the medical model of treatment that doesn't always work, you need pain relief, ideas for pain resolution, not pain management or to learn to live with pain.


Natural Pain Management and Innovative Treatments 

The genesis of my theory began with a book “The Feeling Being” written by Dr Ian Hislop (1987) his aim to educate GP’s about the importance of stress and what was happening in a patient’s life when they develop an illness.


I came across this book as I was doing research for my dissertation "Is Kinesiology an Effective Treatment for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain" as part of my Naturopathy Advanced Diploma study in Perth, Australia.

Clinical research on chronic muscular pain


My research comprised of twenty people, each with a maximum of six hours of treatment with ongoing pain demonstrated that experiences in people lives were closely related to their pain. When emotions are acknowledged and cleared then the pain that was caused by those experiences is gone, it’s no longer needed. - Link to research

Medical methods of chronic pain treatment

Today some patients are told;

  • their bodies have a pain memory and nothing can be done,

  • they are told that their brains create pain signals, as there is not any physical damage.

  • People have to accept the medical explanation,

  • modify their way of life, keeping their pain, like an unwanted lodger in their house.


In Christchurch we have Burswood Pain Management Clinic, similar to pain clinics in other countries, sometimes after finishing their time at the clinic some people may still be in pain so we would like to provide more options.


If we follow this idea of a pain memory, or a neural network that has been created by your brain how can this neural network, (a reaction of your autonomic nervous system), be altered?


This may be getting a bit technical; I hope you’re still with me. 

Chronic Pain is Created by the Brain - a Client's Story

Here is an example of pain being created by the brain;

  • there is no physical reason,

  • no physical injury.

  • all medical tests show nothing wrong


A client, 63-year-old man came in with a painful lower back, so painful he had to limp to try and reduce the level of pain he was experiencing.

  • At the time his work was a challenge,

  • as there had been many lay offs and redundancies due to the economic situation.

  • Everyone at work was thinking ‘who’s next?’

How was his pain of 20 years resolved? 

By exploring when his back pain began and intervals in his life he found that pain was linked to when he was 43 years of age and his first marriage had just broken down; imagine his surprise after some emotional clearing that he then walked up and down the clinic with no back pain.


The uncertainty that he was feeling about work started a chain reaction to ‘remember’ another challenging time in his life. As this was a subconscious connection created by his brain he had no awareness of the connection, but certainly happy to be pain free!



Chronic pain from Past Life Trauma - from my research


This woman was in her fifties and the final resolution of her pain was to acknowledge the hurt and misery she had felt all her life stemming from her teenage years.

  • She became pregnant but told no one, ever.

  • She moved to another part of the country,

  • supported herself during the pregnancy,

  • had her child and put it up for adoption before returning home.


Is it a surprise that she was suffering from continual pain that stopped her from functioning?

When people come to our clinic By taking a full history and reflection of times when pain was a problemwe will help them discover their ‘pain story’ and begin to clear their personal history. As we use kinesiology muscle testing this is achieved without the need for talk therapy.

This therapy is very different from the medical model, although you get relief from physical treatment; massage, pain pills, chiropractic, acupuncture or stretching, it does not solve your pain problem, you need to let go of the emotions that lead to your pain.


Although there are practitioners with this mindset we are in the minority, trying to make a difference. During our recent Covid lockdown I found Dr Howard Schubiner in the United States who also talks of the need to change the brain, to eliminate our pain.


His talk "The Reign of Pain Lies Mainly in the Brain" makes for interesting listening Here's the link.

There is also a lot of work being done by Professor Lorimer in Adelaide and this video give more information about how pills and other present therapies aren't always the answer, here is the link for some of his ideas

I enjoyed this video that again gives a good explanation of why chronic or persistent pain can be so confusing click here

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