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Free Self Help Resources to Improve your Health


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Use your Breath to be Calm

This ebook is design to gradually step through an introduction to understanding how to use your breath for mindful breathing and relaxation.

  • Learn the difference between inbreathe and out breath.

  • Introduction to mindful breathing.

  • Practice and become proficient with techniques at home - then incorporate into every day life.

  • Easy to understand explanation of the nervous system and it'a relation to stress.​

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3 Mindful Breathing Techniques

This video presents a brief introduction into mindful breathing. It can give an insight into how your breath can be used in different ways to enhance your health and wellness. By observing the techniques you may be surprised of the number of ways available.

The three demonstrations are:

  • Counting Breathing - counting can distract and calm the mind.

  • Ribcage Breathing - can counteract the Moro or Startle Reflex

  • Blowing Bubbles - a way to release emotions, even unnamed.


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Calm, Relax, Revitalise Eyes

This video presents a beautiful way to calm and relax your eyes in a natural way. You will need a quiet place to learn and practice this soothing experience.

  • Overworked eyes need attention and care

  • Learn easy to use relaxation techniques

  • Self help skills that can be used daily and anywhere

  • Find a quiet place to spend 15 minutes connecting your brain and eyes


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