Frequently Asked Questions


This is a great opportunity to tell you more about ourselves at our clinic here in Riccarton. If your question is not below give us a call on 03 341 0148

 01  What is so different about the pain treatment at Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic (PASC).


Often, before coming to us people have been to chiropractors, physiotherapists or needed regular massage or acupuncture for their pain, even for years, however the relief from their treatment hasn’t lasted, having to be repeated. This is treating a compensation that your body has developed after an accident or injury, not the real holistic cause of your pain.


Our clinic finds and treats the cause of your pain, not just the compensation.



 02  How many treatments will I need for Pain or Anxiety?

Our research has shown that most people will be able to regain most, if not all of their normal lifestyle within 4 to 6 weekly appointments. It’s important to know that you’ll have to be involved in the resolution of your pain, taking responsibility and making (lifestyle) changes. If you ignore our recommendations full resolution may not happen.

The time period for anxiety relief is similar but can vary more depending on your initial symptoms, and past history.



 03  Why does the clinic treat stress?

We treat stress because stress either makes your pain or anxiety much worse so needs to be addressed.​



 04  The Cost of Pain – how much do I have to pay?

The other day I was at a business meeting and started talking ‘like you do’ about my own business, the pain clinic in Riccarton. The person next to me needed our different approach as years of regular treatment had made little difference and she also wanted to stop medication needed to get to sleep because of her pain.

The first question she asked me was “What’s the cost?”

So I decided to find out the “costs” of pain treatment in our local area.    - I'm off doing research, back soon


 05  Any more questions?

We'll continue to listen to our clients and provide the information they are looking for.