Frequently Asked Questions


This is a great opportunity to tell you more about ourselves at our clinic here in Riccarton. If your question is not below give us a call on 03 341 0148

 01  Your clinic say’s it has a ‘new paradigm’ for treating pain


We believe that there must be a reason why pain stays, and although it may seem that your pain is in your knee or your back, the pain signal is generated or created in the brain itself. In the brain various parts of your body have an assigned area, to make you move say, your leg.

So imagine the brain is the controller of your body and of your pain. When we explain and teach you the 'why and what' of chronic pain, you have a drug-free option for pain relief.



 02  How is your treatment different to therapist and doctors I have seen?

First and foremost I am a natural pain specialist, so that means no medicines, injections or surgery. You may be finding out what is already known that chronic pain doesn't respond to drugs, as a medicine may work for a while, increased doses may be needed for simple pain relief. Firstly I listen to you, give you time and space to talk about the challenges that go with living in pain everyday and what you have done since your pain arrived.  You may have done this many times, but I think you will learn new possible reasons why the pain you have is not getting better or even why it may still be getting worse.

Then, together we plan your treatment, depending on your timeline and how often you want to come into the clinic to see us.



 03  Why do you take posture photographs and movement videos?

These photos will show you how the pain has affected the way you stand or move, alternatively the way you stand and hold your body can be a reason for your continued pain. They form the basis of our treatment plan, allowing you to not only feel but see the progress of your treatment and changes taking place as you work with us.



 04  What is a kinesiology muscle balance?

It’s important that your muscles are balanced, that is, they are pulling equally on each side of a bone or joint. When all of your muscles are ‘in balance’ your body will move easily and support your internal organs. Click here  for more information and see the important of body balance is important on the hip and knee page.


 05  How many treatments will I need?

We believe that most people will improve over a period of three months. Some people may need to continue to see us for longer depending on their rate of improvement and their capacity for change. 

We prefer to conduct treatment in packages of five appointments, generally weekly. Some people find one package is enough to be pain free while others may need another two or three pain treatment packages

 06 I don’t live in Christchurch so how can I have treatment for my pain?


At the moment the only place to have physical treatment is in our clinic in Christchurch. However it is possible to have an initial 30-minute online consult that can prove useful. It is hoped that online pain courses will be available later in the year.