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Client Stories 

I have included these client stories, perhaps you can identify with one of them? These stories illustrate what can be achieved when you come to our Clinic in Christchurch. Each one gives insight into the powerful therapy of kinesiology, one of the few therapies that works to find the true cause of chronic (persistent) pain.

Without finding why your pain does not heal, does not stop or go away, the resolution of your pain may be impossible.

In the client stories below I have given a glimpse into each of their stories (names are changed), just a part of their journey to get out of constant pain and sadness.

Limping and Difficult Movement due to Back Pain

In some cases it's surprising how quickly chronic pain can be resolved. Two recent cases illustrate this below.

The first person was limping and in considerable pain, especially with his lower back. The discomfort could be seen in his face, as he has always been a cheerful outgoing personality.

After 4 weekly sessions he was back to his usual cheerful self with a bounce in his step.

The second person had a problem with the whole of his right leg, from hip to foot, for four weeks.
He’d had physiotherapy during this time and also two chiropractic appointments, without any improvement. In fact, his pain level was increasing, and his ability to walk was deteriorating and had developed a pronounced limp.

After the first session he noticed an improvement in his leg. After 6 sessions he was " Feeling pretty good, work was much more bearable. I am walking fine, much more comfortable, catching up with my friends."

Two Embarrassing Health Problems Affecting Your Life

Some health problems have a devastating effect on your life. The following two excerpts about Jerri and Dailey illustrate problems we solve at Pain, Anxiety and Stress Clinic here in Riccarton.

Imagine blushing, full head, neck and decolletage when you speak-up, do a presentation, even social occasions. Jerri had returned to university to move into her ideas even in group discussion ......

Dailey worked in a customer service centre, her embarrassing problem was an uncontrollable bowel. Three years of digestive pain, gall bladder operation, not solving anything, a cacophony of drugs that didn't solve the problem.......

Pain + work stress + family stress = Female heart attack

I first saw Jean in February 2018. What a lifesaver!

I was exhausted with the worry, stress and all the running around, and succumbed to a UTI, thrush, a nasal infection, sciatica and cold sores. Then, as everything seemed to improve with the family getting well, I suffered a suspected heart attack. I was struggling to breathe and felt as if I had a rope being pulled tight around my chest. The pain was excruciating and my skin was grey. In tears, my daughter rang for an ambulance and I was taken to hospital. 

Jean provided me with natural products to help me through. I saw Jean twice more in that first week and finally felt that I was not alone in dealing with what was going on in my body and my life. I started to feel better physically and the sciatica pain disappeared! 

Jean listened and gently questioned, getting as much information as she could. She got the ‘big picture’ and was able to explain what was going on in my body as a result of the stress, worry and fatigue. This made me feel as if a huge weight was being lifted at last and that I could be well again. 

I'm feeling so old!  -  I am too old!  NO!

Many things define us, our culture, our work, our education, but none so much as our age, something we all much be.

Claire is a successful business women who told me "my aches and pains as because I'm nearly 60"; "I'm just getting old". Six months lateran even now, 4 years later she goes for a 6am walk in mornings taking her dog for it's hourly workout in the park.

Rita is an experienced clinical nurse, "over the hill" and "past it", fearful of the future even thought she was superbly fit. After kinesiology she is no longer angry about getting old; has a new 'cool' attitude to family members and the hospital has involved her in supervision and training due to her extensive experience and knowledge.

Knee Pain that won't heal - RICE and ENAR extra-stimulation for weeks - no change!

Sarah, 46yrs, limped into my room in March with a swollen, very painful knee, after slipping on a wet floor in December. Unable to walk any distance, she was unable to lie down in bed and so slept intermittently on the sofa therefore getting little sleep. Unfortunately she was unable to go out and do the planned activities during her long service leave.

Often, emotions can develop around the non-healing injury or pre-existing emotional blocks, of which we are unaware and don't connect with our injury these need to be addressed.

Treatment involved hourly consults twice weekly for two weeks. When the swelling reduced and movement restored frequency of consults were reduced. Naturopathic supplements were included to reduce inflammation and treat emotional wellness.

Unable to Work anymore - too much pain

Excerpts from MEL's letter, (2012)

When I walked (hunched over, and very slowly, in pain) into your consulting room I was in tears - in so much pain (emotionally and physically) and through my tears I remember sobbing: "I hope you can help me". With that you said: "I love people who are in pain and miserable".

In just one session with you I felt immediately better and knew I would trust in your process for healing and that it would work for me. After our second session I walked out of your rooms feeling 10 foot tall with a spring in my step! After three sessions and a perfectly targeted supplement I felt so much better. After five sessions, my emotional pain was completely cured (trust me before I worked with you I was viciously angry and totally depressed) and I felt like a new woman! After our final session together I walked out of your rooms feeling like a normal person again - happy and full of life!

Follow-up 15th June 2016

Contacted Mel to find out how she was four years after her treatment. She is still pain-free even after having a baby, starting a new business, running around after an energetic 2 year old and working as a clinical nurse.

"I am fine and well and still pain free!"

From home page......Spinal Surgery that didn't stop the pain

I met Sally in 2015 when she was sixty-five. After eight years of sciatic pain, unable to tolerate the pain any longer, Sally decided it was time to make the decision to have back surgery.

Her initial pain relief didn’t last, three months post-surgery her pain was worse than before. The recent addition of the opioid drug Targin only added balance difficulties to her pain.

So was I able to help – Yes! Dealing with a variety of issues, both present and past, the pain was gone. Leaving only the battle to get off the drugs.

She sent me an email at Christmas 2018 “I’m doing good and off most pain killers now especially Targin, still have a few niggles but that’s all part of aging I guess, movement is the key.”

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