About Us


We are a group of natural therapists who enjoy looking at your health, illness and problems from a different perspective. After taking care of people for over 15 years; people who come to us when they are stuck and unable to find resolution elsewhere - makes us rather a place of last resort.

Close to the city at 21 Mandeville Street in Riccarton, we hope you'll 'pop in' before your problems become too overwhelming.

Jean Jordan - Founder & Co-Director

Kinesiologist, Naturopath - Qualifications & Her Pain Story


Jean has developed an holistic unique approach to persistent pain that finds the causes, tracks the development of your pain to gain a resolution of the issues that confront you, daily and work towards living without pain.

For those of you with anxiety it is possible to become anxiety resistant and banish your stress.You will be supported as you clear the emotional blocks that stop you from being confident, calm and relaxed.


Ph: 03 341 0148

Mobile 021 083 53306

Charlie Wong

Exercise Coach & Co-Director


My first experience with natural therapies was in 1994 when I became interested in natural medicine for my general health. On this journey I became a personal trainer and have recently joined the clinic to bring exercise to compliment the holistic philosophy surrounding our practice.


Ph: 03 341 0148 


Talk therapy


This position is waiting for the right practitioner