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Natural Holistic Therapy


Jean is a natural therapist, a naturopath and kinesiologist who enjoys looking after your health. She is experienced in treating ongoing pain, anxiety and stress management from a different, drug-free perspective. After taking care of clients for over 20 years; people come to her when they are stuck, unable to find resolution elsewhere, or are looking for new ideas drug-free, personal to you including self-help techniques you have lifelong.

Jean lives and has a Clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand.

She also now offers her services online in NZ, Australia and the UK with her online business Natural Pain Solutions

Jean Jordan Kinesiologist natural pain specialist
Jean Jordan - Founder

Naturopath, Kinesiologist - Qualifications & Her Pain Story


Jean has developed a natural approach to constant pain and anxiety that endeavours to find the cause, track the development of your chronic pain to get resolution of the issues that confront you, daily, and work towards living without pain.

Pain comes in many forms and in many different parts of your body, therefore our therapy at the clinic and online has different ways to treat you naturally, and give you the option of drug-free remedies, take home self-help if you wish and solutions to your health problems.

Contact Numbers



03 341 0148

021 083 53306

Jean's Qualification and Experience 

My interest in health and wellness comes from many directions. I'm a scientist with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree from London University, and the journey from scientist to natural therapist is amazing (it amazes me every day!)

Each day I bring my life experiences to my work:

  • previous employment as an educator and trainer

  • my journey of a 'terminal illness', major surgery, pain medications and the concomitant life challenges for my family and myself

  • my career and rebuilding business challenges that were all out of my control

Surviving these challenges allows me to bring much experience and diverse skills to my work as a Naturopath and Educational Kinesiologist, and my training in neurological treatment with Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movements.

I am also a trained Yoga teacher so have the skills to teach relaxation techniques and use basic yoga postures to help pain. Yoga fits into my holistic, whole of body philosophy  which medicine in many countries is now calling the 'Biopsychosocial Model' of optimal health and treatment for chronic disease affecting more of us each year.

I look forward to you and I, problem solving together to make changes towards great health, wellness and working towards living a life without pain, without anxiety and with heaps of fun.

Jean's Tertiary Qualifications


Postgraduate Certificate in Pain Management - Otago University

Bachelor Science Honours - Kings College London

Post Graduate Certificate of Education - University College, London University

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Studies - Massey University, Palmerston North

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy 

Registered Kinesiology and Brain Gym Consultant

Certificate in Counselling - Palmerston North Teachers College

Certificates in Chronic Pain from Edinburgh University, Scotland 

  • Understanding the Pharmacological Management of Pain

  • Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Pain Management of Pain

  • Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology and its Relevance to Pain Management

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