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We are a natural therapists who enjoy looking after your health, experienced in ongoing pain, anxiety and stress management from a different perspective. After taking care of clients for over 15 years; people come to us when they are stuck, unable to find resolution elsewhere, or are looking for new ideas drug-free and personal to you.

Close to the city at 21 Mandeville Street in Riccarton, Christchurch we hope you'll 'pop in' before your problems become too overwhelming.

Jean Jordan Kinesiologist natural pain specialist
Jean Jordan - Founder & Co-Director

Naturopath, Kinesiologist - Qualifications & Her Pain Story


Jean has developed an natural approach to persistent pain or anxiety, that finds the cause, tracks the development of your pain or anxiety to get resolution of the issues that confront you, daily, and work towards living without pain.

Pain or anxiety comes in many forms and in many different parts of your body, therefore our therapy at the clinic has different ways to treat you naturally, and give you the option of drug-free remedies and solutions to your health problems.


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03 341 0148

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Charlie Wong

Exercise Coach & Co-Director


Charlie a qualified personal trainer, has a passion for 'Movement for Health', he wants to get you all moving. Many of you may have played sports at school or when you were younger. The importance of regular, everyday movement increases if we are in pain or as we age.

Research also shows exercise is a natural 'pill' for stress release, emotional balance and mental health.

Whatever your health concerns Charlie can put together a plan to increase the movement in you daily life and support you to make changes.

Charlie sees people at the clinic, in Christchurch and also coaches online throughout New Zealand and Australia

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03 341 0148