Jean's Personal Story
How she learnt about severe pain & stress

Now, here's the thing, we all have a story - our pain that won't go away or anxiety didn't just happen in one day. In this way many of the clients that come to me have complex collections of incidences, illnesses, symptoms or treatments and medications, past and present.

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Do get yourself a cuppa as its a long story, over nine years in fact, My pain story has helped my understanding of pain, what causes pain to be so scary and how to treat you. My pain may not be like yours, everyone's story is unique to them, but knee pain, hip or back or shoulder pain will start and a reason.

Are you sitting comfortably then I'll begin (like all good stories)

The pain side of my practice was born out of a catastrophe, a crisis! One can be travelling along quite happily - a few ups and a few downs, a few grumbles and some moans about the weather, the mortgage rates, work-mates or family being a nuisance - when suddenly, illness or trauma comes knocking on your door and the bottom falls out of your world.

Bad timing?


It was February 2010, we were in the process of buying our first house, moving that same week. I got a diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma; a tumour as big as a football! A growth on my right kidney seriously displacing internal organs. There I was leaving the room of the keyhole surgeon, to go to the surgeon next door to hear the extent of the major abdominal surgery that was needed. The constant worrying, writing my will, sad conversations with my partner, decisions about harsh post-op treatment.....

Why me?


Many people will never go through such upheaval, some will go through worse, but I now know when you hear you have cancer the stress, tears and shock that is endured; physically, mentally and emotionally! There were also financial challenges, which were especially trying for someone who is self-employed. The pain, the side effects of medication (know all about tramadol, endone or unimaginable pain when just given panadol when my pain relief pump was removed), the disability, months of immobility and then the slow arduous recovery. I was left with scar tissue that caused constant pain, muscles often cramping up my body and a thyroid that has stopped working due to the trauma.

The benefits of experience


This has been one of those life changing experiences that one reads about in books. I would rather it had not happened, but this inspired the creation of my first natural therapy pain clinic in Perth, opened in 2011. The knowledge and understanding about suffering pain, ways to treat pain and not to treat pain that I gained is immense! I can now treat people for their chronic pain and the aftermath of their trauma. I also look forward to training other practitioners and passing on my knowledge in the future.

Three years after the trauma


I began to understand how long my story was becoming. As a result of the massive lacerations during abdominal surgery some muscles and nerves are not properly connected, scar tissue was making some unusual connections. Many days I am sore, others I'm sorer and few times am I able to be completely free of the after affects of my operation, on my body or my brain, and boy do I get grumpy at times and give my husband a hard time!


What I learnt about chronic pain


However learning from my own experiences and my clients that I work with on a daily basis has added something very special to my life. It has allowed me to keep exploring the kinesiology I practice that is able day in, day our to stop long term pain, be it three months or three years or thirty years, my clients and I can have amazing revelations that vary from person to person, making your treatment truly individual.

The chair is waiting in my consultation room for your story...........