Pain Management Programme

Information about what we do

At PASC we believe there are a variety of reasons why pain persists, even after your physical body has healed or you are told pain is due to wear and tear and nothing can be done.


Below you can see some of the areas we cover in, discussion with you, to reduce or eliminate your pain.

1.Physical or Structural Treatment


Physical reconditioning and balanced movement is very important part of our therapy.


Hands-on therapy and gentle movement is beneficial to your mind and body. Activating neuronal connections releases muscle tension in your body that restores correct alignment.


This amazingly gentle treatment has been developed over many years of working with complex pain issues. Movements may be set for you to do in your own time at home.

2. Pain Reduction or Elimination Techniques

Some people do have to live with some level of pain, but our aim is to help you regain your lifestyle. Regular practice of the techniques we teach you may give considerable relief and the techniques can be useful at more stressful times when pain can worsen.

Techniques such as reducing stress management, relaxation, imaginary techniques, and reprogramming emotional events can be an integral part of your treatment.

It’s important to learn self-help  techniques and to practice them regularly, especially at the beginning of your time with us.

3. Education about your condition 

Education is an important aspect and is included in all pain management programmes, as some of your have experienced.

Together we will explore the origins of your pain. Information about the initial onset of pain, acute pain and the gradual progression towards chronic pain can be an empowering process.

You will have time to tell your 'Pain Story' and we'll sit and listen, giving you the opportunity to 'connect the dots' about the origins of your pain and where it won't go away.