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Kinesiology Therapy in Christchurch


I enable you to make changes - What would you like to change?


If you are looking to improve your movement, reduce your level of pain or in need of rehab than you are in the right place.

Treatment is generally not for acute injury that need the attention of your doctor, nor is treatment for those people who want someone to fix them – YOU are part of the treatment protocol!

There are many reasons why we have restricted movement or sore painful muscles that make work difficult and us miserable.

This is why I enjoy my work so much seeing clients make progress and start to really smile again!

Muscle Tension causes pain and reduces your ability to lift, turn, reach out or do daily activities. This tension then builds, and we begin to ‘guard’ that muscle to prevent it hurting. 

“In just one session with you I felt immediately better and knew I would trust in your process for healing and that it would work for me” Mel

Jean’s treatment is gentle and inclusive so you will be expected to be part of the treatment learning self-help techniques to hasten your return to normal function.



Jean has run clinics in Perth and more lately in Christchurch, but like much of the world is now working from home. 

Recently she added Postgraduate Study in Pain Management from Otago University to fully understand the medical journey that many people travel due to ill health and their search to be fit and well.


Jean combines her training and experience as a qualified Naturopath, Kinesiologist, Educational Kinesiologist and Yoga Teacher and melds all the knowledge and skills from these modalities to provide comprehensive treatment for all types of clients.

For over 20 years she has been helping people make changes that have held them back from doing what makes them feel joyful and took the opportunity during Covid to do postgraduate study in Pain Management at Otago university.



We are now starting to see new ideas in the treatment of chronic pain such as the work of Howard Schubiner, Alan Gordon and Peter O’Sullivan who are all advocating, what I call a whole of person therapy.


It’s important to recognise we are not machines, a painful knee or arthritic hand is not separate from the person that eats, who feels emotions and has had past experiences. The past is how we react to the present, although connecting a sore knee may seem rather a stretch. 

Gentle bodywork kinesiology

Need Better Movement?

Why Muscles Hurt?

New Pain Treatment Ideas

Osteoarthritis Rehab at Clinic in Christchurch 

Can you use an holistic approach to arthritis? 

When you get a diagnosis many things can go through your mind:

  • My mother had arthritis so that's why I've got it - no surprise 

  • That's awful - it's going to get worse as I get older

  • I won't be able to do my work or my sport

  • I will have to live with pain for the rest of my life

  • Will an operation stop the pain?

  • What medications can I take to stop the pain or the arthritis get worse?

Unfortunately these are the messages we get from doctors, from friends or from relatives.

Here's a different message about osteoarthritis treatment 

Holistic treatment can make changes:

  • Make informed decisions about food and drink that can help your health

  • Holistic changes means lifestyle changes that YOU make 

  • Learn ideas to look after joints, muscles and bones

  • The amazing opportunity to take charge with self help ideas and techniques

Find out more about Jean

Check out the experiences and ideas that Jean brings to her work in Christchurch

If you don't live in Christchurch but want to know more about persistent pain visit Jean's online support website - Natural Pain Solutions

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