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Kinesiology Therapy in Christchurch

The difference between kinesiology therapy and other therapies is it offers the body,

your body, a choice of treatments from a ‘toolbox’ of skills, techniques and remedies.

The powerful difference is this is therapy allows your body to talk back to say what it wants. 



Kinesiology Uses Muscle-checking Biofeedback 

One, or more, of your mind or body systems may not be functioning at an optimal or balanced level, so you need something to restore normal physical, mental or emotional function.


For over 15 years, in Australia and now in Christchurch Jean has been enabling clients to make changes both physically and mentally. Often working with those of you who have tried many therapies with temporary relief without lasting change. With kinesiology therapy every single client is absolutely different and so are his or her treatments.

Kinesiology can be used alongside medical treatments 


client described the way I used kinesiology therapy gave her the opportunity to learn about her illness. Muscle-checking identified stressful times in her life that impacted on her present health problems.


 "Jean gave me information and I had the opportunity to connect the dots"


This is very different from diagnoses given by doctors or suggestions presented to you by psychologists or counsellors - so kinesiology makes a great adjunct to complement medical treatment.

Jean's Kinesiology Clinic in Christchurch

Can Help With A Range Of Issues


Kinesiology has many aspects and different treatments that work to balance your body. Imagine the pain and discomfort when muscles don't 'pull together' as they should. More information about this can be found on the page hip and knee pain that describes the importance of this muscle balance to all of your organs and body systems.


  • Persistent pain (over months or even years)

  • Limited range of motion

  • Overwhelmed by daily stress

  • Fearful of "Burnout"

  • Movement and balance issues

  • Conditions that have no diagnosis

  • Poor posture/muscle pain

  • Digestive issues, pain or IBS
















Fundamental Cause Addressed To Effect Change


Your life is a bit like a tapestry you weave as you live and along the way you may drop a few stitches, create holes or gaps. Kinesiology therapy gives you an opportunity to have a look where you dropped stitches, to go back and pick up those stitches, or to change the colour or the thread. But you’re not just doing this with the head, such as with counselling or psychology with theory and mental aspects, you are actually involving your body.



Kinesiology therapy can help to facilitate you, to see how your life could be different if you didn’t have the problem or personal issues you'd like to work on with Jean.

Through the energy medicine we both discover what you need to do to achieve your goal or whatever it is you want to do or you want to be.



Kinesiology Therapy Profoundly Changes Peoples Lives


  • Improve learning

  • Make you more confident, ambitious, caring, calmer …………..the choice is yours?

  • Learn to say NO

  • Take care of yourself 

  • Be more independent

  • Improve performance


Come to the clinic with an open mind and just enjoy the experience.

It’s hands on, goal setting, working with your physical body and energy

systems to match your goal. You’re going to make some shifts, some changes,

changes that are subtle, but can be meaningful to affect your whole life

and relationships, in a profound and beneficial way

Gentle bodywork kinesiology
Kinesiology Consultation in Progress sma
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