Constant or Chronic Pain

If you have to keep having regular treatments that only relieve pain,

perhaps its time to find the cause of your pain

Pain is experienced when the muscles are not working properly as a team, pulling bones and joints out of place and the body becomes unbalanced. The symptoms of your pain can be relieved by a variety of therapists, however when pain returns a day or two later it’s then classed as ‘persistent pain’, as opposed to acute pain when we cut, break or damage our body.

Muscle Tension


I treat ‘rock hard’ muscles every day. This ‘overtension’ in muscles is caused by the nervous system not sending a ‘release’ message. You may be walking around with muscles that are totally switched on, that never switch off, let go or relax. This constant tension can cause pain and permanent misalignment, if it continues.


Mid age woman with backache.jpg

The video below demonstrates the problems you can have with movement when pain has been around for a while, such as beginning to limp.

Brian had four consultations for these changes that you can see in his movement and to be without pain. 

His treatments goals were,


  • ‘I’m more flexible’ and then 

  • ‘My lower body is moving as I want it to’ 


The goals for kinesiology treatment are holistic goals rather that something like ‘fix my shoulder’, as the problem may not have it’s roots in the shoulder itself but another part of your body.

On-going pain can be an enormous challenge for

young people too!