Knee or Hip Pain

Knee and hip pain have been put onto the same page because with our holistic natural therapy clinic it's not useful to separate these two parts of the body in respects to pain.

Young woman suffering from pain in knee,

Our movers and supporters - Knees and Hips

More than any other pain that we deal with at our pain clinic in Christchurch knee and hip pain make a real difference to the way we stand, the way we sit, the way we move and our general posture. Pain in the knee or hip may often cause a disability, sometimes an obvious disability that others can see and can sympathise. 

Today knee and hip replacements surgery is becoming common throughout the world see figures below, as with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) knee and hip replacements should be done after all other avenues of pain relief can been exhausted.

Initial treatment at our clinic is a thorough assessment;

  • Four view photographs and a video of your movements establishes for both you and your practitioner your range of movement and shows the extent of unbalanced muscles.

  • Full history of the development of your pain, over months or over years

  • Emotional and social effects of your pain

  • What you'd like to achieve from treatment at our clinic

  • Plan how you'd like to feel and be moving within two months, although changes can occur from the first kinesiology treatment.

Importance of Muscle Balance 

Muscle unbalanced.png

There are many muscles that can have influence on the function of your hip. Imbalances in these muscles can lead to wear and tear of both the hip joint and the knees.

The reason why we have such success of stopping pain is that we think differently to most other therapies, by a range of methods we encourage the weak muscle to be energised to put the body back into equilibrium. 

Hence when people get off the treatment table and walk around reception they 'feel' the difference, a new balance to their body. In this way the body re-aligns itself, often feeling no pain.

Some things to consider about knee or hip replacements

"The latest figures from the New Zealand Joint Registry showed there were 8373 initial hip replacement procedures and 1168 revision hip replacements in 2015. According to the registry, the number of initial hip replacements was increasing each year - there were 1411 more in 2015 than 2007" June 9 2017

Complications: this is major surgery.

Although complications are possible with any surgery, your doctor will take steps to minimize the risks. The most common complications of surgery include:

  • Infection

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Blood clots

  • Hip dislocation

  • Limb length inequality

  • Damage to blood vessels or arteries

American academy of orthopaedic surgeons

Information on knee replacements in New Zealand, show an increase in the number of operations, but not enough to keep up with population growth, leaving many people in permanent pain. So perhaps it's time to try muscle balancing to protect your joints and reduce your level of pain. Check out our happy muscles and smiling joints package

Of concern are revisions that may be needed for both procedures, necessitating more surgery and more recovery.