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Relaxation & Meditation
Consultations Christchurch

Help for anxiety, stress or pain relief

Work with a therapist to learn and practice relaxation and calming techniques to manage your anxiety

Lilly in Hand

If your mind is constantly busy, keeping you awake at night, sleeplessness turning into insomnia, that leaves you exhausted the next day.

If you body is stressed as you're always on the go, living a very busy life and now feeling overwhelmed.

Is it time to reduce your anxiety?

Is it time to reduce your chronic pain?

Is it time to reduce your stress?

If yes, then you can have an  individual programme that over a few weeks has been shown to make a real difference in your life.

Jean has designed and taught "Positively Relax" since 2017 enabling people to change their lives, now treats people individually in Christchurch, NZ. There are also resources available anytime for people overseas.

Why do you need to meditate?

In our busy lives we may lose our inner balance due to that busy-ness with it's accompanying mind chatter seemingly in constant motion, rushing through our days. When you begin to bring meditation into your life in a different way.

  • To notice blue skies, gentle moonlight,

  • sliding into being in the present

  • we can notice how we feel now,

  • not worrying about the future,

  • not dwelling in the past, perhaps with longing or dread.


Find joy and smiles in the present to give outward to those we meet.

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Meditation should not be hard, it begins with you, where you are

and getting started with Jean's relaxation lessons,

to allow yourself to begin to experience peace.

In a relaxation session you'll learn easy mindful and meditation techniques

  • techniques to relax,

  • Jean will show, demonstrate,

  • lead you through calming, restive,

  • restorative breathing

  • focus techniques for you to learn

  • take home to use regularly to benefit your daily life.

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What People say about Jean's Meditation Lessons

"The relaxation was always amazing. Your soothing voice and the directions you gave were very effective to get me to relax - which I often struggle to make time for!"

"I love the meditation part the best, your voice is so soft and lovely it helps to relax. Not many of us find the time to actually do this in a normal day."

"Relaxation was FANTASTIC! Visualization, tapping into emotions, letting go - I could do that all day!"

"I also particularly liked the whispering breath, I always find it hard to concentrate on my breathing when relaxing and this has helped."

The benefits of meditation are whole of body and mind,

Changes may include

  • Slow down your breathing rate

  • Help reduce the effect of stress hormones on your brain and body

  • Relieve your muscle tension and relax your muscles so they function better

  • Utilise the techniques you learn, to manage or reduce persistent pain

  • Improve brain function & improve concentration and your ability to focus

  • Help make changes to your emotional reactions and improve your mood

  • Helps with fatigue and improves your energy levels

  • Can help with anger, frustration and other emotions bringing calm and peace into your life

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem

  • Increase your confidence, ability to say 'no' and to handle problems 

Find your Peace,                         Find your Calm

My own Journey to Calmness

Canva - Person on a Bridge Near a Lake c

Several years ago I trained as a yoga teacher with the aim that I could add yoga postures to my treatment plans of helping people overcome their chronic pain and the way chronic pain impacted on their life.


What I discovered was the greatest change in my life. On the course I gained more knowledge and improved my ability to treat people with stress, with pain and with anxiety. These three ’associates’ have a tremendous influence on your health, happiness and our success in all areas of your life.


Meditation and Breathing Techniques


So what did I learn? On my yoga course I studied, meditation and various breathing techniques that enhanced the clearing of emotional blocks, improving self-belief and releasing traumatic events that my clients needed to get well.


At the same time I was studying Mind, Body Medicine with Professor Satterfield. He told an interesting story of his time as a student, like me he thought the benefits of meditation are much overrated. His then professor suggested that he did three months meditation practice to prove his argument that meditation just wasn’t that effective!


That seemed a good idea to me, so I too did three months of regular ‘simple’ meditation that I’ll be sharing with you. The changes were amazing.


With regular practice the change, difficult to put into words, is a greater acceptance of what is, being calm, taking time to reflect before reacting. 


I think my best description is ‘inner peace’

But if you give yourself that three months,

I’d like to hear your description?

Anxiety picture.jpeg

What if relaxation or meditation is not working? It's not enough?

After a time the relentless thoughts and reactions can become a pattern, a neural network, consider walking over the grass, always the same place the grass gets worn down and you can see a path through the green, or think of a map and the network of roads.

When just trying to switch off and relax or meditate may not make a difference to you, as if the grass cannot grow back when you keep walking on the path. Your thoughts can get stuck in a similar way changes in the brain called 'neuroplasticity' that creates that well work path for your thoughts and the reactions and behaviour.

If this is happening to you, it can be really helpful to hear explanations about neuroplasticity and your brain. Clients have found once they understand what seem to be 'automatic reactions over which you have no control' suddenly they begin to understand themselves, are empowered being able to make changes to negative thoughts and constant churning in their mind.

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