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Ongoing or Persistent Pain

You are welcome to browse or just find the specific pain issues that concerns you. Need help contact us via email

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Young woman suffering from pain in knee,

Do you have either knee or hip pain? More Info

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Lower back pain over 40 years age?  More Info

At the Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic we help people to reduce, often eliminate their pain. Irrespective of the duration of that pain, whether months or many years.


The longest 'pain-free' was the resolution of 30 years of knee pain, the result of knee operations when she had small children. Pain that never left.


Sore and painful muscles need attention? More Info

Do you have sciatica or nerve pain?  More Info

Pain from an injury, slow to recover?  More Info

We have a lot of information on this website about chronic (now called persistent pain), hopefully presented in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Together with many case histories and stories of the clients that have been to our previous clinic in Perth, or more recently in Mandeville Street in Riccarton, Christchurch.

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