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Happy Muscles & Smiling Joints

Stop Aches and Pains Naturally

Don't accept knee or hip pain; muscle stiffness as a sign of growing old. But many of us do and reduce our movement.

Being in our fifties or sixties now is not what it used to be - I'm still young and plan to keep doing what I love for many, many years. 

Although I must admit maybe I need a bit more maintenance, like better food, more exercise and some targeted nutritionals as my bodies ability to process both of the former may need some help!

Mountain Biking

If you've done a lot of sports and outdoor activities, such as hillwalking, hiking, cycling, netball, rugby.........

My joints are worn out!


Don't accept the wear and tear as a reason to not try to improve the balance and performance of your muscles, hence optimise the health of your joints.

At the "Stop Pain Naturally" Clinic in Christchurch we have put together a unique treatment plan - not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

We have put together a muscle balancing bodywork treatment with  high quality TGA regulated nutritionals at each step of the programme.

You wouldn't use a salon top of the line shampoo and a supermarket conditioner?

That's why we use practitioner only prescription products. Research based and TGA regulated.

Muscle Check for Quads.jpg
Hair Washing

Muscle balancing solves the problems of unbalanced muscles or movement that puts uneven pressure on joints, causing wear and pain.

You wouldn't drive a car without balancing the wheels - it would wear out tyres unevenly and sooner

Each consult includes a powerful and effective muscle balance to improve their function.

Be kind to your joints, stop future mechanical knee and hip joint replacements that may be the future!

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