Nerve Pain

When you have been diagnosed with nerve pain or neuralgia one important aspect to consider are the muscles around the irritated or damaged nerve. Tension in your muscles impinges on the nerves that can cause a sharp or burning pain that is different to normal muscle pain.

Although having a massage can give relief by releasing tension and 'knots' in your muscles, in a day or two when tension returns, so may the pain as you haven't found the cause of the pain, but relieved the resulting symptoms.

Sciatica is a problem for many

When the sciatic nerve is 'irritated' by a muscle the result may be pain in the hip, lower back, plantar fasciitis, cramps in calf muscles, quadriceps or hamstrings. This illustrates why only treating cramps or foot pain are only treating local conditions, whereas the origins of the pain are elsewhere in your body.

The sad story of Sally whose pain started with sciatica, sciatic for over eight years, under the watchful eye of a pain specialist who, due to the constant pain had back surgery, and after three months the pain was worse and so were the side effects of opioid medication.

I can run again without pain

To illustrate this let some clients give you insight to how the pain clinic in Christchurch can get people running again. (names are made-up)

60 year old accountant David had been very fit when younger but hadn't been able to run for ten years, something he really enjoyed as he jogged through the country, getting fresh air and away from his stressful job.

53 year old Tessa who originally came to the clinic for a slow healing knee injury after a fall from her skates she got for her birthday - first day out!

She had also been suffering with plantar fasciitis for two years due to standing all day at work, living with sore feet everyday made running a thing of the past.

Much of her treatment centred around personal challenges and their effect on the muscles of her hips.

Now Tessa is not only running she is now able to do a full 'Lotus' pose in yoga, something her hips hadn't done for a long time.

Imagine her sitting in my reception area, on the floor, with the biggest of grins on her face, priceless!

28 year old Sarah has been a competitive distance runner throughout school, unfortunately she had been suffering with shin splints and pain in her calves that stopped her competitive running in her early twenties. She still insisted on running most days due to her stress of operating her own business.

Her initial response to seeing posture photos that showed her calf muscles under severe stress, was real surprise as no-one had shown her this issue. When we took an holistic, whole of body approach Sarah was able to do her daily running without pain, although felt she wouldn't go back to competitive running as she had learnt that she needed to have a more relaxed focus to allow her business to thrive.