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Sore Painful Muscles

Pain is part of life; no-one goes through life pain-free, but.....

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Pain fortunately has a real purpose. It’s an alarm system; our body is telling us that something is wrong. Sometimes it’s ok to ignore the pain and soldier on, or to zap the pain with medication.


But when pain keeps coming back, hangs around day in day out it’s time to figure out why the alarm keeps going off, where’s the defect, where’s the wiring broken, why is this happening to me? If your neighbours house alarm screamed out every day, all day you’d soon go crazy, get annoyed not just plug your ears and carry on as normal!


Read on and find out what you can do about pain, miserable, unrelenting pain.

  • Muscle pain, ongoing or irregular 

  • Cramps; night cramps, period pain

  • Stiff, uncomfortable body, especially after sitting or before/after sleep

  • Limping or difficulty with normal movement

The muscles of your body can get distorted, unbalanced, tension builds up in your muscles pulling bones and joints out of place, causing pain and can lead to disability 

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Tension in your muscles is often the cause of aches and pain. When clients first come to me their muscles can be 'rock hard' because fo the build up of tension, unable to be released for many reasons. Although many therapies will force the muscles to release there may be many reasons why the muscle tension occurs.


These reasons have to be found before the whole of your body can function, easily and fluidly in all activities.

  • Ordinary people are walking around with muscles that are totally switched on.

  • Muscles that never switch off let go and relax.

  • Constant tension can cause pain and permanent misalignment, leading to long term issues.


After gentle kinesiology treatment on Clare’s back her rock hard muscles melted into relaxed, supple muscles ready to respond to movement, leading to the comment ‘That was so much easier than taking off your clothes, having your body pummeled to release knots and having to do the whole thing again the following week’ 

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