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Listen to Relaxation Podcasts

Here are a collection of easy to learn relaxation techniques. Listen to Jean whenever you want to bring calmness in a few minutes.

Learn the breathing techniques; after listening a few times to 'Breathe for Calm' or 'Counting Breath for Mindfulness' take the technique anywhere you need it.

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Breathe for Calm
Breathing Audio - 1

This is an introduction to relaxation and an easy to follow meditation. You can listen to this on your phone any time you need to relax.

Counting Breath for Mindfulness
Counting Breath

Excellent practice for those of us with busy minds, that cannot focus simply on your breath, or it's hard. Doing something hard is not relaxing.

The Steam Train - Relaxation
Audio Recording Steam Train 1

A beautiful way to focus your mind, letting go of your stress, calming your anxiety and switching on your parasympathetic nervous system.

Silent Mind - advanced 
Silent Mind Audio

This is generally easier if you have practiced mindful breathing for some time, so you are able to allow your thoughts to 'just be free and still'

Ribcage Breathing for Relaxation & Calming

Watch and listen to this breathing technique to relax, and relieve stress and anxiety. Once you are familiar with this technique you can do this short exercise to let go of the stress that has built up during the day.

This is also useful to use at night and help with sleep.

Belly Breathing to Relax, Calm & Release Emotions

This second technique of belly breathing brings your focus to a different part of your body. This is demonstrated in the video above, the gentle movement and a gentle focus on the movement of your belly. Watch how her hands move gently up and down as the diaphragm moves up and down with each breath.

This breathing demonstration also shows how you can release emotions, clearing out and letting go, giving your focus to your breath once you have identified the thought or emotion you'd like to no longer carry with you or breath out a thought that keeps going around and around in your mind.  Breath it away!


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