Relaxation Postures and Calming Audios


Although  Charlie seems quite comfortable sitting in the chair on the left, it's not until he puts his feet on the blocks that his back is fully supported.

You can try this at home using books or blocks of different heights until you can feel your body is fully supported.

This is useful if you have shorter legs that mean you have to lean forward, even taller people may benefit as the issue is about the relative lengths of the varies bones around hips, legs and feet.

Correct support for head and neck when lying down

Let's have a look at these three pictures, paying attention to Charlie's head position.

On the right when he lies down his head is tipped back, contacting his neck muscles, putting them under strain

Charlie lying down photo - too high.jpg

I call this the 'goldilocks' position, not too high, nor too low. 

His head is in a supported position, he has a neutral spine, feeling comfortable and ready for some relaxation.

Some of you may find it more comfortable to bend your legs or put a pillow under your knees.

Relaxing posture with head high.jpg
Charlie lying down 1.jpg

For the picture on the left I put books under his head, continuing to lift and support his head.

However, I had to stop as his head was being pushed forward and he even noticed that it was making breathing difficult.

Charlie lying down - just right.jpg

This is an interesting picture that shows how our posture can be different in some people.

This client of mine has had painful neck and shoulders for many years.


In fact when we began treatment she was unable to turn her head as it was too painful.

She now has full movement to the right and left without any pain. However, she still has a forward set of her head, although less than when she first came to my clinic.

Muscles begin to Relax and Release Tension

The most important way to start lying down relaxation breathing and bringing calmness to you is to ensure you are comfortable. Over time you could find that your muscles begin to loosen, to let go and this may give a change of posture that is more balanced. It may also give more pain relief over time.