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What actually happens in a consultation

I use a range of natural therapies, formulated during the past 15 years

of clinical practice, a unique, simple method that can help alleviate and

reduce persistent pain, within a reasonable timeframe, also reducing stress and anxiety.


When people come to me for treatment, my expectations are for them to have a resumption of normal lifestyle, possibly without any pain, less anxiety and reduced stress within three months. 


Why Am I in Constant Pain?

The reason for my success of reducing or even eliminating persistent pain, is understanding the beginning of your persistent pain is complex and different from the normal hurt that gets fixed with a plaster, bandage or pill. As you see in the sign below what has occurred in our lives is tied up in memories and experiences. The definition of ‘emotion’ is a reaction to something happening.


There is no Injury so Why the Pain?

After physical symptoms are resolved, people understandably have problems accepting or even understanding, explanations from doctors or specialists such as there is little or no residual physical damage or understanding their explanations of ‘central sensitivity’ and the need for biopsychosocial treatments.

Many treatments, both medical and complementary provide varying levels of relief, often treating compensations (the bodies way of coping) not the real cause of the pain, necessitating more or continual treatment or stronger medication.


When we Experience Life, we Build Memories?

I will be perhaps challenging some of your ideas, to help understand the theory behind my success with my holistic treatment.


The human body has an innate knowledge of healing. Whether we consider the body systems, the ability to promote homeostasis, cell repair and many other functions, these all are interconnected to be a whole person. Therefore I would suggest that if pain is persistent, regardless of treatments, your body will know why this is so?


Treatment Demonstration?


Muscle checking, used by kinesiologists, is consistently used to decide your treatment is required and the specific emotions involved.


Treatment is always client-centred, gentle, calming with little or no pain, carried out with you lying, fully clothed on a massage table, as in the picture of my room at the top of the page.

Muscles, Joints and Nerves of your Body must work Together?

One important aspect of my treatment is the concept of ‘Body Balance’ when the muscles of your body are working in harmony for fluid movement. A full movement and posture record is done on the initial consultation. The photographs and video are insightful for us both. This helps give you the understanding of compensations affecting your pain


I am also a qualified naturopath, if needed I'm able to prescribe relevant nutritionals together with food and lifestyle advice. As a trained yoga teacher clients may use meditative breathing techniques, during consultations and in their own time, as I believe you need to be part of your healing. 

I look forward to meeting you soon, but if you have any questions just email

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