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Poor Posture causes Pain and Health Problems 

It's difficult to change your posture

Poor posture on the sofa

How you ever been told to stand-up straight?

Perhaps like me you’ve been one of those people who were constantly told “stand-up straight”, “keep shoulders back” and other well-meaning advice!

You’d really like to change, and DO – for five minutes.

It’s impossible for your body to leave its comfort zone, having been like this for years. Also our preferred posture has many causes.


But poor or 'bad' posture can:

  • effect your whole body, cause improper movement

  • cause unecessary aches and pains

  • Make the wrong impression - as if we lacked confidence

  • Effect our relationships

  • Effect our professional standing and impression we create


Would you keep driving your car with poor wheel alignment, causing uneven “wear and tear” on your expensive tyres, and the steering wheel giving you a morning shake-up?


If you’re constantly slouched or have an unbalanced position without good posture, fatigue takes its toll.


  • Extra energy is needed to keep your unbalanced body functioning.

  • Your muscles have to work hard just to hold you up.

  • You waste energy just moving, leaving you without the extra energy you need to feel good.


A slouched posture also means less oxygen due to shallow breathing. Less oxygen is going to the muscles, various organs of the body and especially the brain. I need my brain most days. Don’t you?


A Wonderful Pain Transformation in Just 4 weeks


Here’s a young woman before kinesiology with pain since she cannot remember when, constantly visiting doctors and specialists. Justifiably unhappy.










Her change in posture is amazing.


You can clearly see the change in attitude and confidence, even without the blanked out enormous grin.  Go Girl!

I just love to watch people walk down my clinic corridor after a kinesiology treatment wearing the most enormous grin, feeling, in their words “loose”, “floating”, “positive”, “powerful”, “energised”, “that’s weird”… the adjectives are amazing!


Yep – a well-kept secret to better health is POSTURE


Many of the symptoms that doctors and natural therapists alike hear from clients are

  • tiredness,

  • lethargy,

  • no energy, and

  • lack of interest in life.


Perhaps it could be described differently, as posture-induced fatigue? Whichever way you look at it and whatever the reasons for poor posture, it creates strain within your body.


So how can you check your posture?


Get out your ipad or phone, and get someone to take photos from all views: front, sides and back. Remember to stand in a normal way.

Then look closely at:

  • position of head and shoulders

  • distance of arms from each side of your body

  • can you draw a line through ear, shoulder, hip and ankle – is it straight?


Anything else you notice about your posture?

A walking video can be informative. Motion should be fluid and your body balanced.

There are many reasons for poor posture or body imbalance, some to do with self-image, some due to injury, some due to work and lifestyle.


Your posture is as importance as diet, exercise and sleep to have great, long lasting health. If you want to improve how you look, how you feel and the impression you make on people, kinesiology is a way to make the changes!

If you'd like to make changes to your posture due to pain, or self-confidence you can arrange an appointment  in Christchurch Clinic or online.

How kinesiology improved posture and stopped young persons chronic pain
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