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Overwhelmed, Overworked and Heading for Burnout

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

relax with flowers and stop burnout from overwork and stress
Time to relax and smell the flowers

Just wish you could press the "pause" button on your life!

Check out this list.

o Do you wish you could just release the tension in your shoulders, your neck or your back?

o Do you wish you could wind back the clock to a quieter time?

o Do you wish you could stop that incessant mind chatter in your brain?

o Do you wish you could just say no?

I really wish I was a Town Crier, walking around ringing a bell saying "Here Ye, Hear Ye!"

Think About Making A change - Before Burnout!

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If you continue to do too much, you'll end up doing less. Although there is an expression about asking a busy person if you want something done - it's usually because that person is in full throttle mode.

We have within our nervous system two sections or parts, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. And these work in a balanced way with the sympathetic nervous system switching us on, getting us up and going and energising us.

Whereas the parasympathetic nervous system, often given the label of "rest and digest", is when we need to slow down, calm down and to some extent put a foot on the brake as opposed to the accelerator.

If you are always "on" in sympathetic nervous system mode you'll find that:

o Your digestive system cannot work effectively.

o And sleeping may be problematic.

o Your memory may fail you, erratically.

o Focus, concentration and more importantly comprehension will be poor.

This list above will certainly not help you power on through the day and make you efficient and effective either at work, at play, or with your family and friends.

The result of not noticing or perhaps noticing and ignoring what is happening to your body and your mind can result in a spiral. A downward spiral that can end in burnout.

1. Eventually you can suffer burnout-your body finally saying no. Unfortunately recovery from burnout can be difficult and often not a complete restoration of your health.


2. Other options may happen - become addicted to alcohol or drugs.


3. Develop a poor relationship with food, stress or comfort eating that lead to poor nutrition.


4. Become chronically ill with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or chronic pain.

Is Getting Things Done Really Worth the Price for Your Health?

In case you haven't heard anyone's burnout story, here is a reminder that what could happen.

Driven into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

My journey to burnout started in 1988 when New Zealand had a shortage of secondary school teachers. I moved from Ealing, in London to Pahitua, a country town in the North Island. Imagine that change, from travelling to work on the underground to meeting black ice on a slippery bend of the Pahiatua track.

It was an exciting, amazing time, moving all across the world with hubby and two little dogs. My work was going well. Seen as a "strong woman" I was given more responsibilities. Eventually acting Head of Department within two years.

Then I got sick, I got shingles. But being me after a week of I returned to work and to driving from Palmerston North each day.

This strong woman pushed through the pain, hanging out for my four hourly pain medication. Within a couple of months I'd fully recovered, just a little facial neuralgia from time to time.

But, then I began to notice that I tired very easily, I became exhausted with weak and painful muscles. So I hitched a ride from a fellow teacher and went down to 4 days a week. But kept working!

Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

When I went searching for reasons for these symptoms above the verdict from my GP was myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME - now usually known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, probably an aftermath of the shingles virus.

Many years later, I can honestly say I've never totally returned to be that healthy; I'll do anything you ask person.

I Should have Stopped Before Burnout.

If you're reading this saying "this is me" do stop and think or more urgently make changes.

If you are ready to change here are some things you might like to have:

o Learn quick and easy self care techniques.

o Meditation to have with you when needed.

o Release constant negative thoughts.

o De-tension muscles and relieve ongoing aches and pains.

o Have a digestive system that begins to work well for you.

o Find ways to improve to have better sleep.

Once you've Broken that "Core" of I can do Anything it May Not be Retrievable.

Start today by taking action.

30 minutes Easy Meditation and Relaxation - Free Online with NPS


If you live in Christchurch come and talk with me, Jean, naturopath, kinesiologist and yoga teacher.

Jean Jordan

Want to find simple effective ways to reduce your chronic pain or anxiety without increasing your stress and overwhelm? This is where I can help! Ideas can be found in the articles on my website. You can sign-up to regular newsletters on this website.

After over 20 years of having my own pain and anxiety clinics I started Natural Pain Solutions to reach more people, rather than one person at a time. Therefore when I completed my postgraduate pain management studies I wanted to spread the word about holistic self-help techniques that people can use at home. Learn more about me here.

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