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Rehab and Recovery Kinesiology Clinic Christchurch

Chiropractic Treatment

To regain full movement or what could be called “normal” movement and return to everyday activities at work, home and sporting activities can be a long painful experience.


At PASC we have developed techniques that can accelerate recovery and re-habitation of muscles and joints proven to work over the past 20 years, firstly in our pain clinic in Perth and now we have the Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic in Riccarton, Christchurch.

Posture and Movement Analysis - how your move

Firstly, we examine your movement, recording the way you walk and photograph front, side and back views. This gives not only us, but your the chance to see how your operation, injury, stroke or trauma has affected your movement.

More information on Poor Posture here

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Then we work to rebalance the muscles of your body so they send correct messages to, and from the brain to alter the integrity of the body, hence correcting the push and pull of individual muscles.


Individual muscles need to switch on and off, move in a fluid way and team up with other muscles when needed. Really working together as a cohesive team, without friction and disagreement!

Treatment may also involve the mental and emotional impact of the injury. This process is often neglected by many medical treatments but can speed up or help complete recovery.


For instance,

Consider a whiplash injury  for a car accident. Months after the tissue damage has healed, pain may persist as the accident itself is surrounded by a range of reactions and emotions.

The pictures below lead you to a variety of case studies that show how the Pain Anxiety Stress Clinic has helped previous clients.


If you too want to improve, or speed up your recovery contact us and come for an initial consultation. It is helpful if you have any information or reports from specialists, doctors or physiotherapists please bring these to your first appointment, as telling your whole story can be frustrating.


We can prescribe practitioner only supplements if you would like to add these to your treatment.


Do bear in mind that your natural pain specialist works with you as discussion, ideas and techniques work best if we are on the ‘same page’


Look forward to seeing you soon!


To make changes


Most clients can expect to see a change within 4 - 8 weekly treatments, sometimes even the first appointment.

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Are you rearing to go back to your favourite sport or get back into the competition or even just want to be the best you can. Time to get in touch with Jean who has a set of unique skills that can show results in a short time

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