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Feeling stuck? Kinesiology therapy can find out why.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Imagine your body could give you advice. Your body, including your mind has a clear view of you. It knows about your health, your thoughts and emotions and your plans to take action or not. No one or nothing has such holistic knowledge as you.

Some descriptions I've heard from past clients

o I feel as if I'm walking through treacle.

o I fully know I should change.

o Now my children are grown "what's next for me".

o I'm so, so, tired of constant pain.

o I've tried everything-nothing helps.

Over the years, I've often heard this particular wish below in it's many forms.

I look back and I want to feel or be as I was 10 or 20 years ago

o I was healthy then,

o I was happy then,

o Life was fun and easy then.

Kinesiology doesn't fix things-you do!

You may come to me with a particular goal or aim in mind. Or feeling "stuck" or "burnt out", you are confused, being ready to lie on my massage table and ready to be fixed. Some kinesiology practitioners work this way. Over nearly 20 years I've found that kinesiology is more powerful when it indicates or investigates the steps on your journey to wellness. You then need to "connect the dots" by untilising the different tools or corrections I have at my disposal.

Options for kinesiology treatment.

Two options are available at each consultation. As a kinesiologist I give you the choice of working on the "goal" or change that is foremost you. Or by using kinesiology indicator muscle checking, you can leave the choice of direction up to your body that I mentioned in the first paragraph above.

In my experience to get clarity, agreement and understanding in this way at the beginning of therapy will provide more effective change.

This example may clarify how kinesiology enables change.

Kate, (not her real name) was an experienced realtor. She had owned her own business for many years but at the time we met business was so bad she was in danger of losing that business, her livelihood. This was due to not being able to get listings for some considerable time. Her stress levels were extreme to the stage of creating physical pain.

Any sales person reading this will identify with her problem. She so needed to land a listing, her desperation and stress meant failure each time. I think most of us have been at the receiving end of a salesperson, desperate to make a sale. Does it work?

Kate and I had a great kinesiology session (or balance) and planned another meeting for the following week. That meeting didn't happen. She cancelled. The reason for this was that she had signed up two new listings since her kinesiology treatment. Something had shifted, she was "unstuck' and her business was saved.

"Kinesiology doesn't fix things, you do.

But, Kinesiology is able to point the way".

Kinesiology doesn't fix things, you do.
But, Kinesiology is able to point the way.

Are you ready for change?

Kate came to me because she was desperate; a family member suggested she try kinesiology therapy. However, before you book an appointment you need to ask yourself " is it time for change?"

"So the question becomes, are you ready to use kinesiology to make changes, to become unstuck!"

If your first response is I don't know; then perhaps you need to read this article again, think of the pros and cons of taking or not taking action before you get in touch with me.

If you're first response is no way, I'm happy being stuck and don't want to make any changes then now is not the right time for you to get in touch with me.

If your answer is yes, I am ready for changes and I've had enough of feeling stuck. Here are a couple of things for you to consider. Firstly what you and I can do is to prepare, or as I said above investigate, to make a change. To identify and clarify what you need to change, what you would like to change or how you would like to be living.

Secondly, you know you're ready to take action so contact me and book a kinesiology session take your first step on that journey with kinesiology being able to point the way.

The information in this article is general in nature and in no way diagnoses any illness.

Jean Jordan is a naturopath, kinesiologist who has been practising in both Perth, Western Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand.

She also has an online chronic pain clinic Natural Pain Solutions, with a natural treatment philosophy and offers an individual treatment programme Pain-Less Journey.

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