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Constant Pain from a Work Injury

It can be quite a challenge to describe what I do to help people reclaim their life and their lifestyle when they have chronic pain, especially Kinesiology, a relatively new therapy.

A client's experience of Kinesiology Therapy

I thought the experience of a client who finally got complete resolution from her pain, could explain.

At times some people have had all the treatment possible within the medical system. Many people benefit from going outside this medical system to fully recover or to hasten recover by using complementary medicine or alternative therapy, as the story of a nurse, Mel, a past client from our Pain Centre in Perth

Living with Chronic Pain every day

Aside from injuries there are many of you that live with 'pain' on a daily basis either from sitting, standing or the actual physical movements you do every day. Don't put up with this any longer!

Below Mel describes in her own words what she has achieved during her time with me, Jean a natural pain specialist.


Holistic effect of constant pain when working

I was desperately miserable and in so much physical pain from a work acquired back injury when I searched online for someone to help me. Your "Pain Centre" came up and I immediately called the number. It was around midday and I was told I could see you at 2pm that day. I cried on the phone to your receptionist out of both desperation and gratitude!


Importance of a therapist listening to you

When I walked (hunched over, and very slowly, in pain) into your consulting room I was in tears - in so much pain (emotionally and physically) and through my tears I remember sobbing: 'I hope you can help me". With that said you gave me space and said: " I love people who are in pain and miserable". You then assured me you would (not could) help me. 


Pain free after five hours of treatment

In just one session with you I felt immediately better and did not realise how seriously depressed I was. I thanked my partner for being there to support me an hour later when I saw him. I immediately trusted you and I knew that I would trust in your process for healing and that it would work for me.


After our second session together I walked out of your rooms feeling 10 foot tall with a spring in my step! After three sessions and a perfectly targeted supplement I felt so much better. My workcover (ACC) doctor and return to work people were not convinced, but I ignored them, knowing that this was working for me even though it was out of my own pocket. I didn't care, I was healing!!!


After five sessions, my emotional pain was completely cured (trust me, before I worked with you I was viciously angry and totally depressed) and I felt like a new woman!  After our final session together I walked out of your rooms feeling like a normal person again - happy and full of life!

Success after using natural medicine


I am recommending you to so many of my friends in physical and emotional pain and am so excited that I met you and we got to work together. Having been brought up in natural medicine, me and my sister are very fussy and when I told her that you were akin to one of the AMAZING practitioners we have found in our lifetime she was super excited and super jealous that you're in Perth and she is in Sydney. 


Jean, I cannot thank you enough and I know that my family and gorgeous man thanks you even more so! You have helped me to be well, emotionally pain free (there is still a small physical part of my injury that needs to heal). And you have FIXED me!!!!


I am telling everyone I meet about you! Even the girls in the day spa and my favourite make-up store!!


Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou!


Jean, You're the BEST


 Follow-up 15th June 2016

I contacted Mel to find out what happened, four years after her treatment in 2012, and she is still pain-free even after having a baby, starting a new business and running around after an energetic 2 year old and working as a clinical nurse!!! “I am fine and well and still pain free!”

Emotional, neurological treatments and naturopathic supplements 

Our treatment that combines emotional and neurological techniques we have developed together with the integration of naturopathic supplements, if required, has enabled and empowered people to make real lasting changes, as you read above.

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