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Are you an Expert at Holding onto Emotions?

The emotions you experience though life can impact on your pain, your anxiety and your happiness.

I heard the expression ‘emotional baggage’ throughout my life so when I started my career as a kinesiologist I found this expression useful to explain the amazing changes that can happen in my practice. I explain my kinesiology as “getting rid of your baggage that you’ve collected throughout your life”

Emotions and Trauma Impact Your Health & Wellness

Let me ask you some of the questions I ask my clients.

- Have you collected some baggage during your life?

- Have you hung onto some of this baggage?

- Is your emotional baggage weighing you down?

Most clients say yes!

The idea of emotions and their effect on your health is where my passion lies. This is the reason I help a lot of people who have not found a lot of success with other practitioners and specialists.

As you go through life, you experience emotions. Every time you see a red car go past your reaction will be different to mine, different to hers, to his, but there is a reaction and that reaction is an emotional reaction.

All your experiences have an emotional component due to this innate reaction.

Where Do We File Our Past Emotions?

As you go through life these emotional reactions build, I call this gathering baggage, lots of baggage and then you decide to pick up more. Some of you will even go looking for other people’s baggage; hey there’s some baggage over there let’s collect that too even if it’s not really anything to do with us! Goodness knows why, but we pick up another one and carry it with us.

Woman holding onto emotions shown pulling a suitcase

Kinesiology Therapy Clears Out Past, Blocked, Even Hidden Emotions

I help people clear their emotional baggage that has been stored in their body, sometimes it’s about moving to a new country; a divorce, losing a job, and many other personal challenges that are affecting your health.

The most difficult emotional blocks to remove are those you don’t even know about.

Psychology or counselling and other talk therapy can also help with ‘baggage disposal’ if you are aware of what has happened. Luckily, Kinesiology can open up your luggage, have a look around and pick out an appropriate time in your life and relevant emotions that are the real cause of your pain, anxiety or ongoing stress.

weaving cloth to show how we weave experiences into our life

As we grow and move through childhood, our teenage years and as adults we create patterns of living, patterns of thinking and patterns of reacting to the circumstances of our lives. Lets describe this as creating the 'warp and weft' of our cloth of life.

Events that happen in our lives can cause us to drop a stitch which can impact on the rest of our cloth, causing further problems or challenges later in life. Often we have no awareness of this. In the story below of the young woman who had developed social anxiety that brought her university studies to a halt.

Self Help Ideas to Reduce Anxiety - Available Online

It isn't always possible to spend time, money or perhaps there is no pratitioner in your area. However we are now lucky enough to have an abundance of online resources that can help.

How to choose Online Resources for Anxiety

It's not always the loudest, most seen or marketed who is the best person to get help from. I remember when I was training as a Naturopath - questioning my ability - that one of the lecturers mentioned a past trainee naturopath who was not up to standard, however with the system, was unable to be failed or refused a qualification. He may not have been a good naturopath, but he was good at marketing himself, conquently he has a large, properous business.

3 Ideas to Help Choose an Online Therapist for Self Help Health

Here are some suggests before you sign up to any expensive programmes or follow free online self help programmes: -

  1. Write down exactly what you want - you need to know what you want to change, improve or alter in your life. This prevents you being lead in a direction that is not suitable for your needs.

  2. From your notes write out a list of questions you need to ask yourself or any online practitioner you may work with - paid or unpaid.

  3. Think carefully about the outcomes you want and how a outcome will make you feel better or work better or be a better parent or friend. Again list the outcomes you need. Perhaps the list needs to be in a priority order as we don't often get all we want.

Once this has been done - leave it for a couple of days. You have brought up a lot of thoughts and your lovely brain will be processing them, night and day, with out you being conscious of them.

Self-Help has already Begun

One result of this background brain work - call it subconscious contemplation - changes will already be happening. Therefore when you revisit your questions, needs and outcomes it may need to be adjusted.

This writing activity is essential - in fact we should all do this: -

  • before we go to the doctor

  • before we visit a physiotherapist, naturopath or massage therapist

  • before we order a supplements - especially if recommended by a friend - your friend is not you - doesn't have your body or mind

  • before we go online to sign up to any programme - remember we are in business and need clients or patients.

  • before we go to a long awaited specialist visit, very important that you are heard and know what you my or may not be agreeing with.

Severe Anxiety Interrupts University Studies

I’d like to tell you a story one of my clients, a young woman Courtney, is happy to share. It’s an eye opener in many ways! To hear her story, in her own words here is the link to her video that she made about her experience. CLICK HERE

She came with very severe anxiety, she was studying at university and life was very difficult. This is an account of one of her kinesiology sessions.

Trauma That Caused Their Year Old Child To Go Blind

She was age recessed to three years old; there was an issue about her eyes. We cleared emotions and trauma from that age, doing some bodywork and some emotional breathing using various kinesiology techniques.

Courtney had no recollection of anything notable happening to her when she was three, nonetheless kinesiology treatment can be equally effective without full knowledge or understanding.

At a later consultation Courtney said she remembers something must have happened to her eye, she remembers seeing herself wearing a patch over her eye in family photographs.

Therefore she asked her parents what had happened. This story now becomes amazing, particularly if you have children, or grandchildren?

Eye Injury On Building Site

Happy child before trauma of falling into cement

When she was three years old her parents were in the process of building a house, she and her sister were running around and her parents watched her running along a board that had wet concrete alongside it.

They watched horrified as the board came up and sprayed a great lump of wet concrete all over her eyes. She screamed and screamed, she was terrorised and completely inconsolable, even when their doctor was trying to get all the concrete out of her eye.

He did his best but they had to go to hospital emergency, as Courtney was still really hysterical. You can imagine how her parents were feeling by this time.

Injury In One Eye Causes Both Eyes To Close Completely

What happened next was even more frightening; not only did her injured eye close, so did her other eye. This little girl for three weeks had her eyes closed. Her parents had to dress her, feed her and do everything for her because her eyes were closed.

No one could get her to open her eyes, not the doctors and nurses in emergency; or any specialists her parents later visited.

Even when her parents were telling Courtney, this twenty-year old story that she hadn’t heard before, she noticed her father’s distraught expression. Fathers are supposed to look after and protect their little girls. It is a very traumatic period in this child’s life and in the life of her family. This is the emotional baggage that we cleared out during her kinesiology session.

Your May Not Remember Trauma But Your Body Does

I said earlier in this article that sometimes clients come across ‘emotional baggage’ they have no knowledge of. However their bodies may know.

Single eye to show how trauma affected woman when a small child

The final part of this story is most intriguing as Courtney’s body often recalled this event.

Whenever Courtney had make-up and things done around her eyes and lashes her eyes would quiver, both of them and she never knew why.

Emotions Cause Physical And Mental Pain - Even If We Don't Remember

To conclude this article, I’d like you to consider the need to give more consideration to emotional pain and it’s effect on your mind and body health. Somehow this emotional baggage has to be addressed, not just by psychology or counselling by putting something on the table and dissecting and discussing what we already know in our conscious mind, but our subconscious mind.

This young woman had no recall or memory of what had happened to her and this is one of the things that she needed to clear out to make a difference to how she felt and acted on a daily basis.

Who is Jean Jordan

Jean Jordan is a Kinesiologist, Naturopath and trained Yoga Teacher who lives and has a clinic in Christchurch, New Zealand.

During Covid competing Postgraduate study on Pain Management enabled Jean to combine years of face-to-face practice into a new online business Natural Pain Solutions NZ.

The aim or wish for Natural Pain Solutions is to encourage self help for everyone to improve and take responsibility for their health and wellness. One group are those who have chronic pain and anxiety, enabling them to change their lives and learn and use self-help techniques. Easy to use whenever they are needed.

Visit PASC website to find out how others have worked with Jean to change lives. Read their stories about how change can happen, often with one to two consultations.

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