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A Kinesiology Case Study - Impact of Painful Leg on Life and Movement

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Fred, not his real name, came to me on 5 June.

He had a problem with the whole of his right leg, from hip to his foot, for four weeks.

He’d had physiotherapy during this time and also two chiropractic appointments, without any improvement. In fact, his pain level was increasing, and his ability to walk was deteriorating and had developed a pronounced limp.

Six Weekly Kinesiology Appointments

This case illustrates that at times kinesiology can make an impact after only one treatment. The post-treatment comment from Tom was he could feel (to his amazement) a real difference in his hip.

One Example of how Kinesiology Addresses the Cause of Pain

During the first consultation he was age recess to 33 years of age, a time of "alienation O-S” that obviously cleared issues, without the client having complete knowledge or recall of the past in that particular year.

Client's Feedback and Comments about Kinesiology Treatment

For this case study I'm going to use the feedback that the client gave me at the start of each consult.

Appointment 1

15/6 - The improvement and relief in my leg lasted for a while and my hip is 60 to 70% better.

Appointment 2 19/6 - Yesterday my right foot and ankle were very sore, but my walk looks much better.

Appointment 3 26/6 – I still have aches in my foot but that has improved over the week, my hip when walking is a lot easier with only an occasional twinge. I'm feeling less negative and my foot is not so skewwhiff.

Appointment 4 3/7 - Very little pain in the top of my right foot and lower back. (It's worth noting that when he was in his late 20’s a steel bar had dropped on his foot above the bridge of his foot, then always had a slight lump on the injured foot).

I didn't have any negativity, not such a defeatist as before.

Saturday was a bit tired after Friday night, but felt good later in the day when I went out Nordic walking, striding out with the poles.

Appointment 5

10/7 - My left shoulder area was painful this week. I'm walking freely.

Appointment 6 23/7 - Feel pretty good much more bearable at work. I am walking fine, much more comfortable, catching up with my friends.

Final Video to Assess Movement

When Fred watched his final video, he was very impressed with his posture and we can also see the change in his feet still a slight turning out of that right foot but nothing to the extent as when he started.

Visual Movement and Posture Assessments Before and After Kinesiology Treatment

Each initial consultation I have with new clients, I record a movement video and also posture photographs showing four different views. This provides not only me with information about the cause of a clients pain, but also information for the client, often surprised how distorted their body has become as a result of guarding and protecting themselves from their constant pain.

He had a one more session after final video. This working mainly on his mental state we took set of final posture photos that shows an amazing change in about seven weeks.

After six Kinesiology sessions more good posture, change in head and feet position  stopped limping  and pain free
Posture changes after Kinesiology Therapy

Jean has a kinesiology clinic in Christchurch and welcomes people who have pain, even if all other treatments have failed, as in the case study above.

Jean has clinic rooms in the private gym 50 Plus Fitness in Riccarton.

Appointments are available each Tuesday and Saturday.

To find out more about Jean and her multi-modal approach visit her home page on this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are in pain always get it checked by a doctor

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