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How Brain Gym PACE Switches On Your Brain

Updated: Jun 6

Brain Gym® Comes to Christchurch

When we go to the gym or play for a sports team we do will warm-up routine to get blood circulating around our body, our muscles ready for action and also to prevent injuries.

Brain Gym® has a warm up activity for your brain, the most important body part for health and fitness.

We all want a fit and healthy brain, or in fact we need a fit and healthy brain.

PACE - The Brain Gym Warm-up Routine

Brain Gym's warm-up routine is named PACE. This brain gym routine switches on your brain, effectively setting up neural connections - like the blood circulation happening in a physical body warm-up.

I think most of us have experienced times of a sluggish brain, when thoughts and ideas are just not happening. However at other times when you are effectively "in the zone", ideas flow quickly and expressing those 'ideas' is easy..

Likewise, if your brain is on the receiving end of information by knowing and using Brain Gym, you can understand and learn quickly, easily and more importantly you remember the information or procedure you have just learnt.

Brain Gym is all about learner - Brain Gym welcomes new learners

Brain Gym consultants don't have clients nor patients, we call the people who come to us learners. The philosophy behind Brain Gym is that everyone can learn. When a Brain Gym consultant is working with you, their belief is that change will take place during a Brain Gym consultation. You will learn and when the session ends there will be a change in how you think and process information - effectively this is what learning is!

A New Learning Experience

Create or receive new information, or process what you already know but in a different way, and more effective way plus you feel happier to.

After 20 years as a brain gym consultant I'm still surprised when I see changes that seem to be "magic". I believe there are two essential reasons for this seemingly amazing change to happen.

The Brain Gym Philosophy is Positivity.

Remember PACE, the Brain Gym warm-up to build up neural network flow, getting you brain into action - P stands for positive. When you come for a Brain Gym consultation or a group Brain Gym class it's to make changes.

The change may to be

· Reduce stress,

· Learn your new job

· Be inspired in your recent promotion

· Even put your best of you, forward at an upcoming interview.

It could be something such as:

· Writing a letter that you've been procrastinating

· Putting together a presentation

· Starting a new project.

Do You Need to be Creative, Thoughtful or Analytical?

Any things that you need to do that is involving thought, creativity, analysis, getting ideas out of your head and onto paper or computer is what brain gym can make easier and amazingly better.

How often do you go to your doctor or other healthcare professional and the whole interaction is on a positive note, from beginning to end. Try Educational Kinesiology with our positive attitude and fresh perspective.

What a Educational Kinesiologist Can do for You

In a Brain Gym consultation the Educational Kinesiologist will take you through a discussion of how you'd like to be, or how you'd like to feel.

In fact, be a better learner

· Learn to react in a different way.

· Learn to think better of yourself.

· Learn to understand your studies.

· Learn to write a great, focused and accurate assignment.

· Learn how to express your thoughts and ideas, clearly, succinctly and putting over the point that you need to make.

What changes do you want to make - begin with Brain Gym today?

Jean works with people over 18 years of age who want to address a range of health and lifestyle issues.

If you don't live in Christchurch, or need help for your children, you can find a consultant on the Brain Gym® Association website


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