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"When I walked (hunched over, and very slowly, in pain) into your consulting room I was in tears - in so much pain (emotionally and physically) more

Sally was sixty-five. After eight years of sciatic pain, unable to tolerate the pain any longer, she had back surgery. Her initial pain relief didn’t last, three months post-surgery her pain was worse than more about back pain

"I was exhausted with the worry, stress and all the running around, and succumbed to a UTI, thrush, a nasal infection, sciatica and cold sores.... One day I was struggling to breathe and felt as if I had a rope being pulled tight around my chest. The pain was excruciating and my skin was full testimonial

Myra, a 28 year old woman, presented with ongoing anxiety and an embarrassing physical stress response that affected her confidence and all she did in life. She was a mature student at university as she was looking to change her career. Her anxiety was, at times, overwhelming more

If you are not on the pain and movement difficulties list

we may still be able to help

  • Knee or Hip Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Shoulder Pain or Injury

  • Sciatica and Nerve Pain

  • Sports Injury that's Slow to Recover

  • Movement problems, even without pain

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Migraine or Head Injury

  • Post-operative Recovery & Rehab

  • Stroke Rehab

  • Whole of Body Pain

  • IBS

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