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Kinesiology Therapy



Kinesiology  therapy has holistic principles and energetic methods that identifies what you can do and how to bring about changes in your thoughts and emotions.


Find the causes of your chronic pain or anxiety to become more resilient and reduce or get rid of pain or anxiety.

Kinesiology research on constant muscle pain read here

Naturopathy Christchurch


For over 20 years, Jean has developed unique natural, holistic ways to relieve chronic pain conditions and anxiety.

Jean has a interest in hip and knee pain, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), pelvic pain and unknown pain?


Jean has completed postgraduate study in pain management to find a holistic, mind and body way to unravel the complexity of your pain or anxiety to regain health and happiness.

Stop Pain Naturally


Manage your Stress

Learn meditation and mindfulness skills that fit easily into everyday life. Short, easy to use and understand to help keep you calm, able to focus, concentrate and enjoy life without worrying.

Supplements and medication can help in the short-term, but long term you need to make changes to how you think, your emotions and how you live your life.


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Free E-Book.  "Calming with your Breath"

Easy Meditation to Relieve Anxiety, Pain & Stress

Client's Stories from Pain and Anxiety Clinic

Chronic Pain Treatment

I came to see Jean after many years of lower back soreness causing neck pain that had me seeing a chiropractor on a fortnightly basis, painful ankles and knees that were sore and tight most mornings and nights.

After Two Months of Kinesiology

After seeing Jean for about two months my knees and ankles were no longer feeling painful and I was visiting my chiropractor only once a month, even they commented about how much looser my back felt.

Thanks to Jean I have even been confident enough to join in my work's beach soccer team. Kevin

How Kinesiology Helped Social Anxiety

Listen to Courtney describe how her anxiety developed, worsening to be unable to go to university.

Anxiety changed her. With Jean she rediscovered herself, reduced her anxiety and returned to her studies.

Anxiety Relief- Fear of Pain

Imagine every time you went to get up from the chair, your muscles tensed up due to fear.

Fear of the pain that would happen when you moved.

This constant fear and stress can make your pain worse. 

Time to understand & release this fear


How the brain causes reactions to anxiety and stress

Emotional Pain Relief

I went to Jean because of my severe migraines. I walked out of my first session with Jean with such a weight off my shoulders from emotional baggage I had been carrying around for decades. I couldn't believe it.

Clear emotions to reduce stress

Over time my stress levels have reduced, my overall health and wellbeing has improved and my migraines have reduced significantly in severity. I only wish I had known about Jean and kinesiology years ago. Gail  (blame the brain and thoughts)

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