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stop pain with natural therapy
Natural Pain treatment that stops chronic pain with kinesiology
Stop pain with kinesiology natural pain relief

Muscle Balance

Using Kinesiology we can ensure that your muscles are working correctly to protect joints, prevent injury, have fluid, easy movement to help relieve your ongoing pain.

Stop chronic pain with kinesiology a natural therapy
stop chronic pain with kinesiology a natural therapy


Talk to Jean in her Christchurch clinic to find natural ways to reduce your pain in an holistic, mind and body way to unravel the complexity of your health and happiness.

Client stories

I came to see Jean after many years of lower back soreness causing neck pain that had me seeing a chiropractor on a fortnightly basis, painful ankles and knees that were sore and tight most mornings and nights.

After seeing Jean for about two months my knees and ankles were no longer feeling painful and I was visiting my chiropractor only once a month, even they commented about how much looser my back felt.

Thanks to Jean I have even been confident enough to join in my work's beach soccer team. Kevin

Sally was sixty-five. After eight years of sciatic pain, unable to tolerate the pain any longer, she had back surgery.

Her initial pain relief didn’t last, three months post-surgery her pain was worse than more about back pain

I went to Jean because of my severe migraines. I walked out of my first session with Jean with such a weight off my shoulders from emotional baggage I had been carrying around for decades. I couldn't believe it.

Over time my stress levels have reduced, my overall health and wellbeing has improved and my migraines have reduced significantly in severity. I only wish I had known about Jean and kinesiology years ago. Gail

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