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Muscle Balance

Using Kinesiology we can ensure that your muscles are working correctly to protect joints, prevent injury and have fluid, easy movement. 

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Talk to Jean to find ways to reduce your stress and anxiety in an holistic mind and body way to unravel the complexity of your health

Clients stories

"When I walked (hunched over, and very slowly, in pain) into your consulting room I was in tears - in so much pain (emotionally and physically) more

Sally was sixty-five. After eight years of sciatic pain, unable to tolerate the pain any longer, she had back surgery. Her initial pain relief didn’t last, three months post-surgery her pain was worse than more about back pain

"I was exhausted with the worry, stress and all the running around, and succumbed to a UTI, thrush, a nasal infection, sciatica and cold sores.... One day I was struggling to breathe and felt as if I had a rope being pulled tight around my chest. The pain was excruciating and my skin was full testimonial

Myra, a 28 year old woman, presented with ongoing anxiety and an embarrassing physical stress response that affected her confidence and all she did in life. She was a mature student at university as she was looking to change her career. Her anxiety was, at times, overwhelming more

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