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Neurodiversity: adult ADHD and Autism in Christchurch.

There are an increasing number of people in particular women, getting diagnosed with adult ADHD and adult autism. The number of people with neurodiversity in Christchurch hasn't changed it's just getting acknowledged.


Getting a Neurodiversity Diagnosis as an Adult

Unlike many health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer that are a physical function that needs medication, or surgery or lifestyle management, neurodiversity it's not an illness. So I prefer to call it a description rather than use the word diagnosis with its multiple medical connotations.


Neurodiversity is you, it's who you are and how you operate.


Educational Kinesiologists work with Learners

When I trained as an Educational Kinesiologist in 2002 the most important change in my belief system was that each client is a “Learner”. Which is saying that we can all learn or change it's just finding the way that works for us to understand, to take in and to file away information and knowledge. And how we retrieve and use that knowledge and information is the key to how well we can function at work and at play.


This means we can all learn, by learn I mean build new neural connections by doing a range of activities that not only cause neuroplasticity, but I believe more importantly reduce stress. By reducing stress we become enabled to do and understand a lot more of not only ourselves but our surroundings.


If you have a friend or family member who has autism their world and understanding is not the same as you.


Remember a diagnosis of adult ADHD or adult autism is the recognition of a trait. How you are. This difference is on a spectrum, a range of abilities that means some neurodiverse people have fewer problems than others.


Are Medications the Answer?

Perhaps there are other ways?

There are medications for those adults with ADHD or autism - within this article I'm not able to discuss medication or provide a diagnosis - suffice to say my ideas around ADHD and autism are different.

In the past I have worked with children with learning difficulties of many different types. Although I now work with adults and no longer work with children or teenagers, I learned a lot during that time. In some ways children can be little less complicated and have not had years of either trying to overcome their difficulties or trying to hide their problems.


Therefore, what I can do it worked together with you to use a variety of techniques and methods that encourage neuroplasticity and build neural networks?


“After all neurodiversity it's about the brain, the neurons and how they fire and connect”

I have recently moved from my clinic in Christchurch to work from home, so you have a friendly relaxed atmosphere where we start by discussing your challenges and the help and support you need.

Self Help to Manage your ADHD and Autism

Homework, changes and activities in your own time as a key component to your journey with me to make changes to your brain, brain connections and to be able to integrate child reflexes that may not of been fully integrated when a child.

You may not of heard of Brain Gym, or Rhythmic Movements but you may choose them to form part of your programme as they are easy to learn and practice in your own time.

Naturopathy for Neurodiversity

You may also choose to integrate lifestyle changes that can make a difference to your overall health and wellness, improving energy - we can talk about what you feel you need and make a plan for change, with or without email support.

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